Driver Climbs Up On Mahindra Scorpio's Roof To Do Push-Ups, Arrested

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 25/03/2021
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Stunting in public roads not only puts you in danger, but other drivers and bystanders as well. Check out this prompt arrest by the UP Police of this driver doing push-ups on top of his Scorpio.

A video of a man who climbed up a moving Mahindra Scorpio and started doing push-ups on the roof of the SUV has been doing the rounds on social media. In fact, the video went so viral that the video was watched by the UP Police as well, who promptly issued a challan to the driver. They also tweeted the video on Twitter, stating “Some Pushups will only bring you down in the eyes of Law! Stay Strong, Stay Safe !” The stunt video has garnered over 59,000 views on Twitter alone, and numbers are increasing every day. The public has given a positive response to the UP Police for using new forms of media to send a message as well as show how the punishment looks like.


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In the video, we can see the driver coming out of his Mahindra Scorpio is being driven on a public road. The driver climbs up to the roof and starts doing push-ups there, while the SUV is moving. The video is titled “You worked out hard, here is your reward”. A bit later in the video, an image of the challan that was issued on the driver’s name pops up. After which, a video of the offender plays where he states his name and states that he did a very dangerous stunt with the vehicle and will not repeat it again in the future. The video then has a message from Ajay Kumar, IPS SSP, Firozabad who says that the challan was issued by a traffic sub-inspector in the respective violated sections. The IPS further adds that the offender will be guided. At the end of the video, the UP Police sends a message by saying “Performing Stunts while driving is a punishable offence, it can be harmful to you and others around you.” The message further adds “Drive Safe Be Safe.”

Stunting on public roads is illegal, for a good reason. Stunts can go wrong very fast, in this particular case, if the road would have had any sort of imperfections, the Mahindra Scorpio will start veering off to the sides. As the driver was on the roof, chances of him getting back to the controls on time would have been very unlikely and the results could have been fatal. Stunting on public roads also brings other drivers in danger as your mistake could lead to their’s as well.


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Driver Climbs Up On Mahindra Scorpio's Roof To Do Push-Ups, Arrested By UP Police

The Indian Police has stepped up its efforts to punish road violators and is using speed cameras, radar guns, CCTV camera and others to catch the perpetrators quickly and efficiently. As these types of equipment can record and save the violation, the offender even if he ends up escaping the authorities at first will be punished sooner rather than later.

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