This Almost-Ruined 2008 Maruti Swift Has Been Restored To Look Brand New

by Harish Kumar | 12/03/2021
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This old and rusting 2008 Maruti Swift has been restored to look like a brand new car. Read on for further details.

Be it one of the most iconic mid-size hatchback cars in India, the Maruti Swift has been on sale in our country for quite a long time now. Coming as a popular hatchback among all group of ages, the Maruti Swift wins the hearts and minds of the Indian buyers for many reasons and styling is one of them. Over time, Maruti Suzuki has constantly updated the Swift hatchback to cater to the ever-changing demand of the younger generations. Parallel with new car launches, the older-gen Swift also becomes a favourite among the modification circles. While we’ve reported you multiple examples of modified Maruti Swift before, this model is rather different. Here’s a video showing an old and rusting Maruti Swift that has been tastefully restored to look like the brand new one.

Uploaded by a Youtube channel named Brotomotiv, this video shows how the almost-ruined Maruti Swift transformed into a brand new car. Initially, the hatchback was in poor condition with a lot of scratches and dents at its body parts. The paint started to fade away and several sections were even covered with rust. As per the video, there were more than 100 dents on the model.


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maruti swift restored image

The Swift has received a thorough restoration. All of the dents have been sanded evenly by using filter and putty. A coat of primer has been sprayed on the entire vehicle after all the dents were corrected. The bonnet, boot, doors and door handles have been taken down and re-painted for a neat look. This restored Swift gets the same red paint scheme as the stock form. There’s also an anti-rust coating sprayed on the underbody of the vehicle. Finally, there’s a layer of clear coat put on to give the car a smooth finish.


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When all the paint jobs were finished, the Swift was then polished. In fact, there’re no changes made to the parts of the vehicle, excepting the front and rear bumper. Since the older bumpers were all badly damaged, the car modifier had to put on the new ones. Overall, the final product looks extremely awesome. From the look of it, it’s hard to believe that this Maruti Swift is actually a 2008 model.

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