Suzuki Jimny With Little D Body Package Looks Like Old Land Rover Defender

by Mohammed Burman | 09/08/2020
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Let’s pay a visit to this little D Aero kit for the Suzuki Jimny developed by DAMD, a custom car company in Japan. This D Aero package makes the Jimny look like an old Land Rover Defender.

Being a very popular SUV in many international markets, thanks to its excellent off-road capabilities and affordable price, the Suzuki Jimny is available with many aftermarket body packages. Below is one of the most impressive custom body kits for the SUV, called ‘little D’, developed by DAMD. The ‘little D’ body kit can be purchased as a complete package or each component can be individually bought. If you buy the complete package, the additional ‘WILDBOAR’ rims or DEAN Cross Country’ rims will also be available.

suzuki jimny little d modified front three quarters

The Suzuki Jimny looks amazing with this 'liitle D' body package.


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The package leads to many alterations to the original car which include a new hood cover, mud flaps, a new front and rear bumper, a new grille and plenty of custom badging. New upholstery along with numberplate relocation package is also available. As regards the appearance, the ‘little D’ package turns the Suzuki Jimny into a previous-gen Land Rover Defender, because of the green-coloured Oval ‘little D’ badge which resembles the Land Rover one. The SUV also comes with ‘LITTLE: D’ lettering mounted to the hood, which adds some macho appeal to the styling.  On the side profile, the steel rims with the off-road rubber not only enhance the customized Jimny’s off-road capabilities but also give it a utilitarian appearance. Generally, this mod job is really amazing and a similar production model of the Suzuki Jimny is expected to be launched on Indian roads soon. Refer to the table below for a price breakdown of all the accessories.

suzuki jimny little d modified side profile

suzuki jimny little d-modified rear three quarters

The Suzuki Jimny not only gets the alterations to the front but also to the side profile and the rear as well.


This Suzuki Jimny is a Modified Maruti 800



Complete kit

$3,152.81/Rs 2,36,460.75

Complete kit (unpainted)

$2,559.10/Rs 1,91,932.50

Complete kit + Dean x little D’ Rims

$5,200.08/Rs 3,90,006

Complete kit (unpainted) + Dean x little D’ Rims

$4,606.38/Rs 3,45,478.50

Complete kit + ‘WILDBOARD’ wheels

$4,790.63/Rs 3,59,297.25

Complete kit (unpainted) + ‘WILDBOARD’ wheels

$4,790.63/Rs 3,59,297.25

‘DEAN x little D’ wheels

$2,456.73/Rs 1,84,200

Front bumper

$829.15/ Rs 62,186.25

Front bumper (unpainted)

$593.71/Rs 44.528.25

Front grille

$603.95/Rs 44,428.25

Front grille

$829.15/Rs 62,186.25


$491.25/Rs 36,851

Bonnet (unpainted)

$2,559.10/Rs 1,91,932.50

License Plate Relocation kit (normal bumper)

$151.50/Rs 11,362.50

License Plate Relocation kit (little D. bumper)

$59.38/Rs 4,453.50

Little D AOL decal

$184.26/Rs 13,819.50

Little D seat covers

$696.07/Rs 52,205.25

Little D letter emblem

$29.68/Rs 21,469.50

Little D oval emblem

$29.68/INR 2,226

Rear bumper (matt black)

$870.10/Rs 65,257.50

Rear bumper (unpainted)

$757.50/Rs 56,812.50

Back camera kit

$38.90/Rs 2,917

Mud Flap

$286.62/INR 21,469.50

Note: Handling and shipping cost are excluded.

The Indian largest automaker has been reported to be establishing a plant for the Jimny in a five-door version. Once launched in India, the SUV would be a sub-four-metre off-road SUV's addition in Maruti Suzuki's portfolio in the country.

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