Tata Harrier Takes Up Off-Road Challenge with Hero XPulse and Bajaj Dominar

by Mohammed Burman | 20/10/2020
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Recently, a Tata Harrier, Hero Xpulse and Bajai Dominar have participated in an off-road challenge. Read on to discover.

Although off-road expeditions are still not so popular in India, there are several groups which organize trail exploration journeys for SUV owners and motorcyclists. Below is a video which shows three different vehicles: Tata Harrier, Hero Xpulse And Bajai Dominar taking up an off-road challenge. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video.

The vlogger shows how the three vehicles operate in such a hard terrain. According to video, the vlogger is riding the new Bajai Dominar 400. In the beginning, the trail looks quite simple with several uneven patches. After that, the terrain becomes harder; nevertheless, the Dominar 400 can easily cross all of them. Due to the lack of a switchable ABS, the vlogger fell at one spot. The Xpulse 200, in the meanwhile, can easily glide over all the obstacles. The difference in the weight and rider’s experience are factors that contribute to the effortless performance of the Xpulse.


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As the challenge continues, the terrain starts to become rockier. The XPulse rider shares several trips with the Tata Harrier driver and the vlogger. He asked the SUV driver to go slowly so as to avoid the damage to the car. The Harrier seems to drive with All-Terrain tyres, which helps it operate efficiently in such hard terrains despite being a 2WD vehicle.

tata harrier hero xpulse bajaj dominar off road

Eventually, all the three vehicles made it to the end of the trail without any damage to them


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Bajaj Dominar 400 is a bike which has been specifically designed for long-distance trips, which has been proven through the quite good performance of the car despite the absence of a switchable ABS. The Xpulse seems to have been created to deal with such terrains since it has effortlessly done the job. The Tata Harrier comes with terrain mode; however, whether it is used when the driver crosses the rocky track remains to be unknown. Eventually, all of the three vehicles manage to reach the end of the trail without any damage to the vehicles.

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