India’s First-ever Tata Harrier Driven by Xbox Controller

by Jatin Chhibber | 15/06/2021
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Here a recent video, where a group of engineers drives Tata Harrier with the help of an Xbox controller. Watch the amazing video embedded below.

Cars nowadays work almost like computers and are very much different from the vehicles sold decades ago. Earlier, the cars were offered with almost no electronics except for the headlights in the car. But, modern-day vehicles are way different. All the operations in the new-age cars are controlled by ECU and chipsets. Here's a recent video in which a group of engineers have worked together to control the function of Tata Harrier via an Xbox controller. 


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This video is uploaded on a YouTube channel named Tech Burner. There were a few components, which were used to control the Tata SUV with a remote. They used a Raspberry Pi, a smartphone charger and a few other things. The starting of the video explains the simple circuit diagram of the whole process. They planned to flash Android Auto into the Raspberry Pi and connect it to a charger. The Raspberry Pi was also connected to the fuse box. They also start the car remotely via the remote. The stock Tata Harrier is not offered with remote-controlled ignition. Afterwards, the group of engineers wrote a few lines of codes in Python language. Afterwards, they transfer those codes to Raspberry Pi and connect it to the SUV. Nevertheless, it does not work the first time. Then they tried to fix the problem by flashing the Raspberry Pi directly to the vehicle.



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In the end, the engineers were able to start and stop the SUV by using the Xbox controller. He also moves the SUV in reverse as well as forward. The video also shows the Tata SUV from inside, and nobody was controlling the steering wheel or accelerator pedal. The Youtuber drives the car around the apartment compound only. Nevertheless, it looks very futuristic, and the overall plan worked really well. The person who was driving the car said that he does not feel confident while driving, and the reason behind it is the steering wheel, which was not mapped in the best way, and needs better tuning.


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