Tata Nexon EV Driving Range Tested In Real-World Conditions

by Harish Kumar | 30/10/2020
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Check out the real-life driving range of Tata Nexon EV here, based on a typical monsoon drive on the Indian roads.

It is clear that the Tata Nexon EV not only looks good but also achieves brilliant numbers on the specification sheets. The Nexon EV is powered by a 30.2 kWh battery pack that sends the power to a 3-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor (PMSM). The Tata Nexon EV gains the maximum power of 120 PS with the peak torque rated at 245 Nm.

tata nexon ev rear three quarters

The ARAI-rated driving range of the Tata Nexon EV is at 312 km. That said, those figures are very impressive when it comes to the specification figures, on paper. But how could the Tata Nexon EV perform on the real world condition? A Nexon EV’s owner has just made it out from a typical monsoon drive on the Indian roads and the results are a far cry from the ARAI-tested ones.


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We all know that it’s hard to replicate the ARAI-certified figures in the real-life traffic conditions. The Tata Nexon EV is no different. At the beginning of the video, the car’s owner confirms that his electric SUV has been charged to the full before started testing the Nexon EV on the stretch of roads in Pune to Lonavala.  Initially, the Nexon EV is put at “Eco” mode to make sure that it gets enough power to ferry just one occupant on board. The temperature control is set for 24 degree Celsius mark. As the first impression, the Nexon EV with a well-balanced suspension returns quite a smooth handling and comfortably drive.

tata nexon ev rear world driving range

The first reading was at 4.7 km with a 4% consumption of the charge. At the second reading, the Nexon EV has covered 29.5 km and consumed 21 per cent charge. Do note that the distance covered between highway and city was 16 km that means the SUV has driven 16 km in the city traffic conditions.


Even Mumbai Floods Can't Stop a Tata Nexon EV!

During the course of his journey, there was a heavy bout of rain that caused the driver to slow down a bit so as to avoid hydroplaning because his Nexon EV is not equipped with an ESP. After completing about 60.8 km of the journey, the Nexon EV’s driver pulled over a refilling pump but the charging apparatus is broken so he had to leave without recharging his vehicle. At this time, the Nexon EV still shows 46 per cent of the battery left on the MID.

Overall, the test ends with the drive completing around 110 kilometres upon 80 per cent of the battery charge. We assume that it could have probably finished 150 km on a full charge as against the ARAI-rated 310 km range. Having said, it shows that the Nexon EV could do just half of the claimed range in the real world driving condition. It’s worth noting that it was achieved with the constant use of AC, headlamps along with windscreen wiper due to the rains.

It is suggested by the electric Nexon owner that all those buying an EV in India should always take note of the charging stations present on the route they go to; or else, they would be involved in a very tricky situation.

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