Tata Nexon Mishandled By Transportation Company Suffers Huge Damage

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 29/07/2020
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This Tata Nexon was transported using a regular goods carrier in place of a car carrier, thus causing major damages to the car. Wondering, how was the car loaded on to it? Check here for all the details.

The world is currently dealing with a lot of issues that have incubated from a gigantic Asian province. The most common of those is the outbreak of a vicious pathogen that is contagious in nature. This outbreak has affected the road transportation system and thus people are only allowed to cross the inter-state border if they are ready to adhere by a set of certain guidelines. Since all of it is tough, masses are trying to opt for third-party services to get their jobs done. However, getting through the authenticity of the tall claims of the service providers can be annoying at such times. Something similar happened with a Tata Nexon owner when he planned to ship the car from Chennai to Kerala.

Tata Nexon Mishandled By Transportation Company Suffers Huge Damage

This Tata Nexon belongs to the father-in-law of Vishnu Vasudevan, who stays in the Chennai. However, he moved back to Kerala during the lockdown, but due to his old age, he could not drive his Tata Nexon back to Kerala. Thus, Mr. Vishnu Vasudevan thought of getting the car transported to his hometown in Kerala via a packer and mover service, ‘Chennai Packers and Movers’ in this case. While Mr. Vasudevan and the company agreed to transport the Nexon using a dedicated car carrier, the results turned out to be contradictory.


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It can be seen in the pictures above that the packer and mover company used a normal truck against a flatbed that is generally used to transport cars. Also, to cause further inconvenience to the customer, folks at Chennai Packers and Movers reluctantly denied providing the unloading services. On questioning the driver, the Nexon owner got to know that the car was loaded via a crane, which made him regret more on his decision.

Tata Nexon Mishandled By Transportation Company Suffers Huge Damage

As all of it wasn’t enough, the Nexon owner also came to know of the damage that the car has suffered during this entire process of transportation. A big dent on the roof of the Nexon can be seen in the pictures. Furthermore, the owner adds that reaching out to the customer service helpline is another exercise that fails to produce any results. The owner adds that his negligence of not being present at the site while the Nexon was loaded into the truck is going to haunt him for a long time. Even we believe that it is actually true for someone who possesses an emotional connect with his/her car.

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