Over-Adventurous Tata Nexon Driver Gets Badly Stuck on a Waterlogged Street - EPIC FAIL

by Harish Kumar | 26/08/2020
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Unlike the earlier case of a Tata Nexon that we’ve reported, this Tata Nexon got badly stuck while trying to wade through a water-logged road

As the rains wreak havoc in our country, it becomes a common sight that cities submerge and roads get flooded that causes quite an irritation for the vehicles commuting on the roads. People may resort to SUVs as a solution but don’t be too ambitious with water wading like the Tata Nexon’s driver here if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of enormous water.

tata nexon water wading image 1

We’ve seen Tata Nexon wading through deep water with ease in the previous days, this Tata Nexon completely gets stuck and fails to cross the flooded roads regardless of any efforts. This car shows us why we should not be too adventurous with our subcompact models, given the fact that these SUVs in India are purposely urban and barely good at wading through high water.


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SUVs with high ground clearance have many advantages, one of which should be its brilliant water wading capabilities. However, it depends on the situation and the kind of SUVs that we drive through the flooded roads. That said, there’s a limit to the water-wading capabilities of these cars that we must know. This Tata Nexon’s owner just exceeds that limit. The Nexon featured in this video has got hydro-locked from the inside, in the middle of the water. In fact, the water level is so high that it can almost touch the central console of the vehicle.


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Initially, the Tata Nexon gradually entered the flooded underpass but shortly after that, the engine completely shut down when the car was still in the middle of the water. The SUV can be even seen floating a bit. The occupants even tried to re-start the car but it didn’t work. In fact, trying to re-start the car when it was submerged underwater is a stupid act that may even kill the engine.

tata nexon water wading image 2

Later on, the Tata Nexon was rescued by a tractor and then taken to a service centre. Since the SUV was deep in water, we are sure that there were some faults that could have required a major overhaul. If the water has entered the engine, the owner could have even suffered from a huge bill for the repair works.


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Although water logging is not new in our country, the unprecedented rains are causing serious challenges for the drivers who may encounter the heavily flooded roads. It is always advisable that drivers should be careful when driving in such kind of conditions. If you are unsure about the depth of water, it’d better not to venture in, especially with your subcompact SUVs which aren’t built as true-blue off-roaders indeed.

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