Top Modified Maruti Esteem That Looks More Exciting Than Some Modern Cars

by Harish Kumar | 29/02/2020
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Here is the list of best modified Maruti Esteem that looks even more tempting than the new and modern vehicles.

Much before the arrivals of Maruti Dzire, Ciaz, Maruti Esteem was once the greatest success story of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd in the sedan segment in India. The C1-segment offering easily outsold its rivals like Hyundai Accent, Tata Indigo, Ford Ikon or Opel Corsa to become the greatest buy in the entry-level sedan cars category. Time flies, however, the Maruti Esteem is no longer on sale in India. Still, auto enthusiasts’ tribute to Esteem never halts. Some of the car tuners have done some major mod jobs on the Esteem that make these following modified Maruti Esteem look even more brilliant than the present-day vehicles. Let’s check it out!

1. Bugatti Veyron-like Modified Maruti Esteem

People are dreaming of owning a legend like Bugatti Veyron but how many of them can afford to buy it? So what could be better than transforming our own Maruti Esteem into a Bugatti Veyron? This modified Maruti Esteem looks much like the Bugatti car thanks to the craftsmanship of a Custom car designer in Hyderabad.

modified maruti esteem- bugatti veyron replica front angle

Replica cars are fun, but sadly, this modified Maruti Esteem can never be as fast as the Bugatti Veyron. Nonetheless, this modified Esteem is a strikingly perfect combination of a car that I also would like to own. A plus point is, the customized car is made of fibreglass. The front fascia looks as aggressive as the signature fascia of the Bugatti car. The rounded rear end with a single sporty exhaust tip looks stunning.

modified maruti esteem - bugatti veyron replica rear angle

The replica Bugatti Veyron, based on the Maruti Esteem is equipped with a 1.3-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine as seen in the donor model – quite a far cry from the super-challenging W16 16-cylinder quad-turbo engine that we see in the rear Veyron. Regardless, it is still a masterpiece considering its external look, isn’t it?

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2. Modified Maruti Esteem by Powerwheels

Affectionally called the “13 second Maroon Owl, this modified Maruti Esteem is good not just about that look. As proudly said as the “Art of Intelligent Engineering”, the customized Esteem is featured with a 1.3-litre turbocharged G-Series engine along with a Race Dynamic ECU unit.

modified maruti esteem maroon owl

All the layout work and fabrication were made after the engine was run in. It has a subtle body kit on offer. As the name partly tells it, this modified Maruti Esteem can do a quarter of mile shortly in 13 seconds. But it’s not the entire story. The car is equipped with Brembo brakes that help it slow down as quickly as speed up. The traction in corners is also taken care of by an aftermarket Limited Slip Differential. That said, the “Maroon Owl” bears no aggression in terms of look but it is undeniable fast and perfect in its performance stakes.

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3. Modified Maruti Esteem by Autopsyche

This is yet another modified Esteem car that showcases a very good custom builder’s craftsmanship. The shining yellow body paint scheme is meticulously added to the Esteem that has really lifted up the excitement around the donor car to a greater level.

modified maruti esteem yellow colour front view

The redesigned front bumper and sculpted bonnet also look aesthetically unique. A set of 6-spoke 15-inch wheels finished in chrome and blacked-out windows stand out on the side profile. This Esteem also features a custom interior for a more upmarket look and feel. It is based on the 1996 Maruti Suzuki Esteem and just looks at this - this car doesn’t show any inferiority to the younger and modern vehicles.

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4. Modified Maruti Esteem with additional power

This modified Maruti Esteem bears almost no differences from the regular model from its look but what makes it special? Apart from the black decals on the front and rear profiles of the vehicle, the custom Esteem retains its old and almost-forgotten look from the original vehicle. However, the car tuner seems to pack quite a bunch underneath the car’s skin, all the ways to give it a claimed maximum speed of up to 200 kmph.

modified maruti esteem black & white front angle

There’s a new ECU on the mechanical package of the modified Maruti Esteem, which makes the engine much more powerful than normal. The custom air intakes and free-flow exhaust tips, Highlift camshafts, new throttle body are also parts of the modifications. Extra power is generated and transferred to the front wheels by an aftermarket Exedy clutch. Supporting all of them is a set of new grippy tyres that is more apt to handle the terrains. With the additional power and torque output, the modified car claims to hit the top speed of 200 kmph with an acceleration of 0 – 100 kmph in less than 10 seconds with ease. True, this modified Maruti Esteem is a good example of the saying “never judge someone/ something by its appearance”.

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