All About Toyota RAV4 - Upcoming Hybrid SUV in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 11/05/2021
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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is the only upcoming hybrid SUV to enter the Indian market this year. Moreover, it will be the first hybrid SUV in the market as well.

Electric vehicles are now on the front line of the automotive industry. On the international market as well as in our domestic market, car brands are hurrying to introduce their own electric vehicles. However, in India, the major challenge of electric vehicles is the under-developed charging facility system and the range anxiety. While electric vehicles still face some critical problems, hybrid cars can be a viable alternative for buyers who are interested in electrification technology but worried about the charging infrastructure and anxious about the range of current EV models.

At the moment, in our market, there are only two hybrid models, Toyota Camry and Lexus LC 500h. The former is a hybrid sedan while the latter is an expensive sports coupe. It should be noted that both of them are products from one mother company – Toyota. It could be said that Toyota is playing a major role in introducing hybrid car technology in the Indian market. In the future, Toyota is planning to launch one more hybrid model here, increasing the number of Toyota hybrid cars to two. The new hybrid car is called Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. It is also the only upcoming hybrid SUV in India and the first SUV of this kind in our market.


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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Details

The upcoming hybrid SUV is based on the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). The same platform is found on the C-HR crossover and the Prius. The RAV4 Hybrid measures 4,600 mm in length. The width and height of this model are 1,855mm and 1,685mm, respectively. It sits on a wheelbase of 2,690mm.


Toyota RAV4 will be the first hybrid SUV in the Indiana market 


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Under the hood, the Toyota RAV4 employs the 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine with hybrid technology. This internal combustion engine can generate 218 BHP of maximum power. In addition to this engine, there is an electric motor mounted on the rear axle, allowing up to 80 per cent of the torque to be delivered to the rear wheels. It also means that the hybrid powertrain will come with an all-wheel-drive system.

According to the recent report, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV will be brought to India under the regulation that allows foreign car brand to import 2,500 car units per year without homologation. This initiative will help the car brand to keep the price of this model in check. The price of this SUV is expected to be priced around Rs 60 lakh.


It is expected that Toyota RAV4 will be launched this year at the price of around 60 lakh 

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid will be a unique offering in the market, which combines hybrid powertrain and SUV body type. We all know that the SUV space is now the hottest segment in India. The entrance of this model to the SUV space in our market will expand the diversity of the segment and offer a unique choice for the customers.

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