Vehicles That Will Be Discontinued In India In 2019

by Mohammed Burman | 05/03/2019
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The upcoming safety standards in India will make most cars safer but some are going to be discontinued due to the disability to conform to the norms. Below is a list of Indian automobiles that will have to be shelved later this year

safefy norms in India

Vehicles which do not conform to the above safety standards will be shelved

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Tata Motors

Three Tata models which could be discontinued due to the failure to satisfy the more stringent safety norms are the Sumo, the Nano and the Safari. The sales of Sumo and the Nano are trivial and they are not popular with the Indian auto buyers. Therefore, once they are shelved, they are unlikely to be remembered much, either by the dealers or the customers.

On the other hand, the Indian SUV enthusiasts will be missing the Tata Safari which began to lose its popularity since the launch of its direct competitor, the Mahindra Scorpio, in 2014. The home-grown auto manufacturer is expected to give the Safari a thorough upgrade to make it comply with the upcoming emission and safety norms.

Tata Safari white angular left

Tata Motors is expected to introduce an updated Tata Safari which will conform to the upcoming safety norms


Once the safety norms are put into effect, some Mahindra models will be eliminated from its portfolio in India. The NuvoSport and the Xylo were shelved in 2018 and this year, the e20 and the Verito could also be discontinued. Unfortunately, they are the only two commercially available EVs in India. To compensate for these two vehicles, Mahindra is developing the electric version of the KUV100 and the XUV300 and is expected to electrify other models as well.

Another vehicle which might face discontinuation in the coming time is the Mahindra Thar since its current form will not comply with the forthcoming crash-test norms. Fortunately enough, the domestic automaker is reported to be developing the facelifted Thar which is underpinned by the same platform as the TUV300 and the Scorpio. So, the Indian off-roader enthusiasts will still have the chance to drive this tough SUV if the upgraded Thar is ready by October 2019, which, though, seems difficult to achieve.

2018 Mahindra Thar red side profile

The current-gen Mahindra Thar could also be discontinued due to the upcoming safety standards

Maruti Suzuki

The upcoming safety standards taking place also means that two most iconic vehicles by Maruti Suzuki, the Gypsy and the Omni, will be discontinued. To resolve the problem, the Indian largest automaker is likely to launch the Jimny as the fourth-gen Gypsy in India. The Alto in its current form will also be shelved. To keep the Alto nameplate survive, Maruti is preparing for a replacement which will be introduced before the standards take effect.

Maruti Alto 800 green angular left

The Maruti Alto needs a replacement to meet the upcoming safety norms


The Santro was recently brought to India to act as a reason for the South Korean automaker to shelve the Eon. Moreover, with the upcoming more rigid safety norms, the Eon has almost no chance of being continued in the future.

Hyundai Eon red angular left

The Hyundai Eon has been replaced by the Santro and is quite certain to be discontinued


Honda made its entry into the intensely competitive Indian compact-hatchback segment with the Brio. However, due to its unjustified high price and small cabin space, it was not able to compete well in the segment. The Japanese automaker decided to shelve its last year and has no intention of introducing a replacement in the coming time.

Honda Brio red front launch

The Brio cannot help Honda well penetrate into the compact-hatchback segment in India


The Fiat brand has had a difficult time in India and the upcoming safety standards will come as a blow to not just the cars but also the whole Italian brand. Fiat is expected to exit the Indian auto market when the safety norms kick in leaving the Indian car buyers with the regrets for the Fiat Punto. Accordingly, only the Jeep brand will be maintained in India by the parent company FCA.

Fiat Punto orange side profile

Despite the exit of Fiat from the Indian auto market, the Fiat Punto will still be remembered by the Indian car enthusiasts

Above is a list of Indian automakers and their cars which may get discontinued in the coming time when the new safety norms take effect. What do you think about these vehicles? Which one will you miss most when it is discontinued? Share with us in the comment section below.

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