What Are The Stereotypes Of Various Indian Car Brands' Drivers?

by IndianAuto Team | 14/10/2018
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Do you think that owners of cars from the same automaker have some characteristics in common? If you don’t, check our list of stereotype drivers of various car brands in India.

Whether you are aware of it or not, how you choose a car and what car you end up driving say a lot about you as a person. Cars, to a lot of people, are considered a long-term big investment, and some spend months or years asking around, looking up online, visiting showrooms, and contemplating just to find the right car. Some are so meticulous with their cars that their own vehicles must have a certain paint colour, a particular trim, a specific set of features, etc. to make sure that the car is simply perfection and suits the personality of the owner. So, driving a certain car in many cases can say a lot about the person behind the wheel, especially when some sort of stereotypes about different car owners already exist. Everyone is somewhat aware of the stereotypes whether they are consciously or unconsciously know this fact, and whether they want to admit it or not.

Big note: This list is for entertainment purpose only. Like many things in life, the list is not to be taken seriously :) We do not want you to get upset or offended over this list. What we do not want even more is that when you are on the road, you start wondering whether a Maruti Suzuki driver is a family man or a career-oriented individual. Focus and drive safely, folks!

1. BMW

BMW is not a car that is very frequently seen on the road (even if you see BMWs a lot, admit it that the number of BMWs is not as high as that of cars from brands like Maruti Suzuki) but it has to make the top of this list because BMW drivers have this certain image about them that most other road users agree on. BMW is an undeniably beautiful and luxurious car, but interestingly, BMW driver is widely associated with “douchebag” or “prick”. A survey conducted in the U.K. even finds that BMW owners are the most inconsiderate on the road. Many road users assume that BMW driver must think that he or she is a very classy and awesome driver to give himself/herself the rights to cut off other people. In some occasions, the car that loudly honks behind you and flashes headlight, signaling you to make way for it, is likely to be a BMW. And if you see a car that is parked like the whole parking space is his kingdom to rule over, you may very well find a BMW. An appropriate slogan for BMW driver would be: “I drive a BMW so the road is MINE!”

bmw bad parking job

BMW owner says: “I drive a BMW so the road is MINE!”

2. Maruti Suzuki

A Maruti Suzuki owner is often said to be a first-time car owner or a Maruti Suzuki enthusiast. It is also widely recognised that the one who drives a Maruti Suzuki is likely to be a common, next-door neighbor, family man. Because of the wide range of cars that the brand offer, there are many variants to the stereotypes of Maruti Suzuki drivers: A Maruti Suzuki Baleno driver is stereotypically a mid-range executive, a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz driver a more affluent family man, and a Maruti Suzuki Brezza driver an average person who is silently seeking adventure and change. Nonetheless, generally speaking, a Maruti Suzuki owner is your daily aam aadmi who can be found on any street in any city.

man driving maruti suzuki ciaz

An aam aadmi who can be found on any street in any city is likely to drive that Maruti Suzuki in front of you

3. Toyota

A Toyota car owner is a lot of times said to be a non-car enthusiast and first-time car owner as well. He or she just wants a car for transport and convenience and does not care much about what he or she is driving, so Toyota is a safe choice. In some cases, the one who has a Toyota is the person who puts safety and reliability on top of his or her list of priorities. Most Toyota cars scream “commoner” for a lot of people, but Toyota Camry and Fortuner are believed to be mainly driven by rich businessmen and politicians. So the stereotypes of Toyota mostly depend on what model one is talking about.

indian politician and his toyota in a parade

Most Toyota cars, except Toyota Camry and Fortuner, scream “commoner” for a lot of people

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