10 Things You Should Not Miss In Your Car

by IndianAuto Team | 01/11/2018
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You may never anticipate all the things that can happen to you and your car while driving, but having some essentials can prepare you for the most unexpected of times. Below is a list of 10 things you should not miss in your car.

ou are excited to pick up your girl and go on a date. You dress up nicely, put on your favourite cologne, and head out of the door. You have planned a nice date and cannot wait till you see your girl. You get in the car, drive for a few miles, and your car suddenly stops functioning. And then you stand there for an hour, desperate, waiting for help. Or a more positive version of the story could be: you have a nice date with your girl, and when she gets out of the restaurant, it is quite late, and she is freezing. You want to be that romantic guy on the silver screen who puts your suit over her shoulders, but unfortunately, you have none, and now your girl’s impression of you turns south a little bit. These are just two of many scenarios that could happen when you are a car owner and driver. Therefore, it is always important to be prepared.

1. Phone charger

Cell phone is a must-have in this day and age, especially during an emergency. Imagine driving on the highway and suddenly your car stops for no reason, you would want to contact somebody to help you out. In this case, if your phone happens to die together with your car, you are in big trouble. So you should make sure that you always have a phone charger inside your car or a power bank to prevent your phone battery from reaching 0%.


A phone charger keeps your cell phone charged and ready to use in case of emergency

2. Napkins

You do not need to wait until you have a runny nose to equip your car with a pack of napkins. Having some napkins or tissues available within reach can help you in a lot of circumstances such as having a spill of coffee, cleaning your mouth after eating, or wiping bird’s poop off the window. If you have a baby in the family that is a usual passenger in the car, napkins can help you clean things up quickly and easily. And if you are dating a girl and you give her a ride often, being prepared with some tissues will create a good impression of being a neat and caring guy.


Having napkins readily available in the car can help you keep your car clean and tidy

3. Jumper cables

One of the most common reasons why car breaks down in the middle of the road is dead battery. If you are unaware that your car stops functioning due to a dead battery issue and call a tow truck or some random mechanics, they can rip you off while the problem is so fundamental that you do not need any engineering or mechanic training to do yourself. Keeping a pair of jumper cables in your trunk and learning how to revive the battery with them can save you loads of money and time.


A pair of jumper cables in the car can save you from the desperate situation of being stranded

4. Breath mints

Here is the thing: a car’s cabin is very small and confined space, anything that is slightly smelly in normal open surroundings will REEK inside the car. Can you imagine having your lover inside the car and your breath stinks so much that the date does not turn out well, but there is not really a way you can do about it at that moment? On the other hand, in case someone with dragon’s breath sits in your car and you are not a fan of it, you would want something to stop the bad smell from torturing your nostrils. A simple solution for both cases would be always bringing breath mints in your car. It does not have to be some fancy expensive tin-boxed breath mints, some nice chewing gums can do the trick too.


Having breath mints inside your car can prevent the awkward situation when someone has dragon’s breath

5. Water bottle

This item is kind of a no-brainer. You need water to live so having some water inside the car is without question. Besides, the air inside the cabin, if you have the air conditioner on, is relatively drier than the air outside, and you would want to keep yourself well-hydrated, healthy, and happy while driving. But you definitely do not wish for some liquid to spill all over the place and mess with your driving, thus keeping your drinks inside a bottle with closed cap is safer and less of a nuisance than something like a Starbucks cup.



A water bottle keeps you hydrated and your car safe

6. Snacks

We do not know about you but we always get hungry when we drive home from work. It is just a strange time of the day when you are somewhat craving food but it is not quite dinner time yet. If you are like us, or just somebody who loves to have things to munch on anytime anywhere, stock your car up with some snacks. For those who have low blood pressure (hypotension) or anaemia, it is essential that you have something sweets at your fingertips in the car at all times to prevent the sudden drop in blood pressure and dizziness that can potentially occur and put you in a dangerous situation.


Snacks inside the car can be a lifesaver

7. Flashlight

We bet you have dropped something under the seat and then scrambled in an attempt to find it. Or have you ever tried changing a car tyre in the car? Was it fun and easy? We doubt you would answer yes. Keeping a flashlight on hands can help you out a lot in these kinds of situations. If you are worried that you do not need your flashlight that much and the batteries may melt after some time, you can purchase a crank-style flashlight that does not need batteries. If you are someone who is concerned over safety issue because you have to drive alone in the dark often, you can choose a hefty flashlight which can double as a self-defence tool.


A flashlight can help you find things on the car floor, change a tyre in the dark, and protect yourself

8. Spare tyre, socket wrench, jack, and car owner’s manual

A flat tyre is one of the easy problems that you have to know how to handle yourself when you plan to own a car. Fortunately for you, the tools and equipment required to change a flat tyre are not expensive and complicated. Most new cars nowadays come with at least a spare tyre, a socket wrench, and a jack, the three must-haves when you need to change your tyre. If you do not have those tools, you can easily find them at any corner mechanics at an affordable price. Your car owner’s manual will help you know what to do to change the flat tyre.


These four are the must-haves when you want to change a deflated tyre

9. First-aid kit

In case you unfortunately get into an accident or see someone injured on the side of the road, a first-aid kit can save your or someone else’s lives. With serious injuries, of course, you have to take the wounded people to the hospital, but a first-aid kit enables you to do provide some assistance such as cleaning the wounds or stopping the bleeding. It may seem trivial and small stuff, but it can actually save a life.


A first-aid kit allows you to provide assistance to the injured, including yourself, in times of accident

10. Jacket

Do you remember the scenario that we give at the beginning of the article when your girlfriend is cold and you have nothing to give her to warm herself up? We have one simple solution to that: put a jacket in your car. There are likely to be times when the temperature drops suddenly, too, so a jacket in your car does not only benefit your image but also your own health.

jacket in car

Keeping a jacket in your car makes you healthy and your partner happy


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10 Things You Should Not Miss In Your Car

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