9 accessories that you should buy for your car

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/06/2018
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Having these car accessories will give you more comfort and pleasure during the drive.

All car owners must be very proud of their beloved cars. However, sometimes there is the feeling that something is missing. That’s when you know it’s time to look for accessories complementing your car. Having these simple must-have car accessories will make driving a much better experience.

1. Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have car accessory. Cars should be clean, just like the house you live in. A clean cabin not only brings pleasure to the eyes but also protects car occupants from the harmful effect of dirtiness. This handy tool will help you with the cleaning process. A small-sized vacuum could reach and clean every nook inside the car. Easy-to-use and handy vacuum cleaner will save you an amount of time on car cleaning.

hand vacuum cleaner car accessory

A handy vacuum cleaner is particularly useful for car cleaning

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2. Seat covers

After years in usage, the seat covers might get dirty regardless of how attentive you are at taking care of them. On these cases, the easiest solution is to get the seats wrapped in new seat covers. This make-over will bring a new look to the familiar and, maybe, dull interior. Unlike the set seat cover the manufacturers appoint, seat covers available in the market are much more diverse and unique. Whether you want to spruce up your cabin or increase the lifespan of the seats, you should consider making changes with new seat covers.

car seat cover

Ready for a car make-over with new seat covers

3. Electric car tyre air pump

Tyre pressure is important for a vehicle’s performance. Inadequate tyre pressure could harm the car’s components, reduce the mileage, and increase the risk of accidents. Keeping a car tyre air pump in your car is especially helpful to maintain the recommended tyre pressure level. And an electric tyre air pump offers a quick and effortless fix for flat tyres.

air pump car accessory

Fix flat tyres in minutes with an electric car tyre air pump

4. Puncture kit

Besides an air pump, you also need a puncture kit in case the tyres are damaged - burst or blown-out - along the drive. With a puncture kit which usualy includes tyre levers, sandpaper, rubber strips and glue, you can sort yourself out. In case you are stuck with flat tyres in the middle of nowhere, the availability of puncture kit will come as a saviour.

car accessories puncture kit

Keep a puncture kit in your cabin in case of a flat tyre

5. Towing ropes and cables

Towing ropes and cables could become handy when you need to pull your car, for example, when it is stuck in the snow, sand dunes and mud or when the engine doesn’t start. You can conveniently move the car by connecting your car and the towing vehicles by towing ropes. 

Towing ropes and cables car accessories

Towing ropes and cables are used for rescuing purpose

6. Air purifier or ionizer

The air inside the cabin can be unbearable for some. The odor could cause fatigue, unpleasant feeling. To kill off the smell, you can seek the help from an air purifier or ionizer. A small and portable air purifier which is able to remove contaminants will clean the air inside and refill with fresh, odorless air. On the other the hands, an ionizer will ionize the air, hence, improve the air quality. Both of them are great choices to purify the air inside your car.

car accessory air purifier and ionizer

An air purifier or ionizer will keep the air odourless

7. Backseat organizer and headrest hook

If your car does not have enough storage places, backseat organizers or headrest hooks are helpful tricks to create more space for storing things. They will make your cabin looks more organized than when you just throw stuff on the backseat. These removable organizer tools will save space for more belongings without sacrificing passenger seats.

Backseat Organizer, Headrest Hook car accessory

Create space for storage with headrest hooks

8. Seat cushion

Sitting still in the cabin for a long drive could be a terrible experience for your body. And it would be worst if the cushion of your car seat could not effectively support your sitting posture. You can fix this problem by using the additional seat cushion. Made of memory foam, gel or even air, seat cushion could bring the comfort out of a lengthy drive.

Seat cushions car accessories

Seat cushions allow good and comfortable sitting posture

9. Portable car jump starter

Car jump starter could lend a helping hand when your car’s battery is drained – which makes the car unable to start. Moreover, a portable car jump starter could also take the role of a battery which could charge phones or laptop.

These are all simple but useful accessories that could help you out of some unexpected bad luck and offer a comfortable driving experience.

Portable car jump starter car accessory

Portable car jump starter is a helpful backup accessory to keep in your car

These must-have car accessories could organize the interior spaces, cure the unpleasant smell and save you from undesirable incidents along the road. Investing a small amount of money on these must-have items for cars will not let you down. Always keeping some of these car accessories on your car is one of the most effective and handy car tips ever.

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