All you need to know about car tyre maintenance

by Vivaan Khatri | 02/07/2018
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These car tyre maintenance practices could extend the life of tyres and keep a proper performance.

Any incident happening to the tyres will directly affect the function of the car. That’s why it is so important to keep the tyres in good condition. There are some factors that will dramatically influence the safety and proper operation of the car. On this article, IndianAuto team will lay out all you need to know about car tyre maintenance.

1. Tips on how to keep a proper tyre pressure

Tyre pressure check

Tyre pressure check is an essential practice for tyre maintenance

Keeping a suitable tyre pressure is one of the key maintenance tips. If the car falls short of pressure, the tyres are much likely to suffer from further damages. Moreover, it will cause the lack of control. It also affects the fuel economy. On the other hands, having over-inflated tyres could lead to excessive vibration, hence, lower the comfort of the drives.

It is advisable that you check the tyre pressure at least once a month, especially before setting off for a long-distance trip.

If the tyres are hot, you should reduce the tyre pressure. You can look at the vehicle owner's manual for the exact tyre pressure specification of your car. It is usually put on the car door, glove box or the fuel door.

2. Tips on how to keep the suitable tire tread depth

car tyre tread

A worn-out tyre could cause the car to skip, especially in the slippery surface

The tyre tread is designed to tackle the slippery surface as the tread will create the way for the water to run through, therefore, preventing the water from causing aquaplaning.

Tyre depth is declined after being used for a long time. Bad roads, high speed driving and sudden braking are some of the reasons for the tyres to lose the tyre tread. Moreover, the worn-out tyre is more likely to skid on the wet surfaces. When the depth of the tyre tread is under 1.6 mm, you need to take it to the maintenance service station.

3. Tips on how to rotate the tyres

car tyre rotation map

Rotation could extend the usage of car tyres

One of the tips to extend the use of the tyres is to apply rotation. Rotating is the practice of exchanging the position of the tyres. Tyres from the rear and the front are exposed to different working conditions, which makes them having uneven tread depth. To maintain the tyres and prolong the usage of your car tyres, there is the need to switch the position of the tyres. It is advised that you rotate the tyres every 5,000 miles.

4. Tips on wheel alignment

wheel alignment

It is necessary to practice wheel alignment regularly

Wheel alignment is a familiar practice which could extend the life of your car tyres, improve the handling quality and ensure a proper performance of the tyres. It involves the changes in the suspension system, or more specifically, the angles of the tyres.

Wheel alignment should be done by the specialists only. If you notice some of the following signs, you should go to the service station for a thorough check.

  • The tyres have uneven tread.

  • The car pulls strangely to the left and right. Or even when driving straight forward, the steering doesn’t work precisely.

How the wheel alignment works to better your set of tyres:

Besides these certain points, you also need to pay attention to the following detailed tips

  • For example, try to avoid excessively spinning the tyres. Normally, you will aggressively spin your wheels when it gets stuck in the mud or sand. However, it is not healthy for your car tyres as it causes them to get heated.

In these cases, instead of spinning the wheels, you could direct the car to gradually move forth and back. It could release the tyres at ease without hurting the car tyres.

  • It is advisable that you take your car to the specialists for careful inspection. They will know if the tyres need to be removed. They also provide the proper services and fix the subtle problems that we as the non-professional could not notice.

Plus, there would be a risk of incident, for example, explosion if you attempt to change or fix the tyres on your own. Therefore, it is really important to seek help from the specialists.

Tyres maintenance is an important practice that every driver should be aware of. Giving a good care of your tyres will ensure a decent performance and safety as well as extend the longevity of the car tyres.

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