5 Best Cars for the Elderly - Ford EcoSport to Maruti Wagon R

by IndianAuto Team | 27/06/2020
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Are you trying to find a car for the elderly? Five amazing cars with easy manoeuvre and decent safety features are here.

Every single person has a different taste in cars. Normally, many people would focus on the design and performance of a car when they choose their vehicle. However, for most of the elderly, such designs and performance are just their secondary criteria. They mainly look for an easy-to-manoeuvre car, an extremely comfortable vehicle not to hurt their backs, or simply, a car which allows easy ingress and egress. Therefore, choosing a car for the elderly requires much consideration. Our guide here on the 5 best elderly cars should help you get rid of all confusion. 

5 Best Cars for the Elderly - Ford EcoSport to Maruti Wagon R

Ford Ecosport

The U.S carmaker has been known for producing great build quality vehicles which can keep occupants safe in an event of a crash. And among the brilliant Ford models sold in Indian Market, the Ecosport could be a champion candidate in the scenario where people gradually become interested in sub-compact and small SUVs. Not only does the Ford compact model come in a relatively small size which is easy for manoeuvring, but the car also has a reputation to be a safe car, which is something that can help the elderly feel safe during car trips.

The New 2020 Ford EcoSport | Head to Head


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Technically, GNCAP gave the Ford Ecosport 4 stars in their crash test. Meanwhile, in reality, the model has proved how it can save lives. Last year, there was a report saying that a massive accident happened and a Ford Ecosport was seriously damaged during the crash; however, the passenger was safe and sound as if there had been no accident at all. The secret behind this could be largely from its incredible safety features which include a reliable stability control system, a well-functioning traction control system, 6 airbags, and well-tightened seatbelts. Besides being a lifesaver, the Ecosport also provides passengers with hi-tech utilities such as touchscreen infotainment that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


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Hyundai Santro

Another decent build quality SUV in small size is the Hyundai Santro. Recently, in 2020, the company has launched its new BS6 version of the Santro which either comes in petrol variant or CNG variant.

Hyundai | The All New SANTRO | India’s Favourite Family Car | Official TVC

First thing first, the interior of the Santro is a big plus when it comes to the ideal car for the elderly. Despite being a small SUV, the car is spacious with comfortable interiors. The seats are well-made enough to give passengers pleasure during long rides. Furthermore, the spacious cabin and the seating position are made for passengers’ convenience, which means egress and ingress are much easier for older people. The interior quality is also a big bonus; specifically, you can have dual-tone beige and black interior colour which brings the elegant vibe.

In terms of performance, the Santro is powered by a 1.1-litre cylinder engine which improves acceleration and fuel economy. The Smart Auto AMT will give drivers a seamless operation and a smoother and economical ride. Besides, in times when CNG favour is rising, the manufacturers also launched the CNG version with the promise of excellent efficiency.

Last but not least, to boost the comfort during long rides, the company has equipped the new Santro with the 5-speed Manual transmission. The feature allows smooth gear shifting with improved noise, vibration, and harshness levels. As any modern car, the Santro also receives reliable safety features including dual front airbags, ABS, and parking sensors.


BS6 Hyundai Santro Launched, Costlier than Maruti WagonR

Hyundai Grand i10

Despite being a compact vehicle, the Hyundai Grand i10 offers passengers spectacularly spacious internal dimensions which indeed boosts the comfortable experience. Also, the company claims that the Grand i10 has the largest trunks in its class. Besides comfort, the elderly also care about the convenience of a vehicle. That is to say, the compact car has a wide range of impressive features such as a cooled glove box, which keeps drinks or eatables cool and refreshing (highly recommended in hot climates).

All New Hyundai Grand i10 2020

As regards safety, Hyundai has made it well on the Grand i10. Having dual airbags can greatly ensure occupants’ protection from frontal impacts. Furthermore, by equipping a rear defogger, the car can remove the mist on the tailgate during rainy or foggy weather and help the drivers gain proper visibility. Lastly, to help the elderly and people with visual impairments during low visibility conditions, Rear Parking Assist System (RPAS) is installed for easier reversing into confined spaces.


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Honda City

When mentioning the Honda City, many people will relate to the oldest sedan which is still available at showrooms in India. The sedan is well-known for excellently comfortable rear seats with spacious legroom. Feedbacks also indicate that the Honda City often gives little bumpy rides, but the rides are not always settled. The petrol-CVT automatic transmission on the sedan works well and even better than most of its competitors. In terms of safety features, the car is quite well-equipped with parking sensors and ABS. Note that you can experience many premium features on the Honda City including 6 airbags, frameless auto IRVM, electronic sunroof, and automatic headlamps. All of these features make the Honda City deserve to be included in the list of five best cars for the elderly in India.

Honda CITY 2020


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Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The last candidate on this list is the affordable tallboy hatchback from Maruti Suzuki, the Wagon R. Ingress and egress are easy with the tall body design of this car. Moreover, besides the easy manoeuvre, the Wagon R provides drivers with decent visibility. As mentioned, the vehicle is cheap; and more interestingly, its maintenance cost is also pretty low. Surprisingly, despite having an affordable price of around 5 lakhs (2020), it is a well-known high-mileage car. In regards to safety features, the Wagon R possesses dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors. Briefly, Maruti Wagon R is among the most affordable elderly cars in the Indian market.

2019 Maruti WagonR TVC Video

All in all, whether you are an adult or a child who wants to buy a good car for your parents, keep in mind the features of the abovementioned cars. All recommended cars are easy to drive, effortless to ingress and egress, and well-equipped with standard safety features. If you have hard times with car-buying decisions or maintaining your car, there are many useful auto tips awaiting for you to discover on our website.

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