Factors To Be Considered before Purchasing Your First New Car

by IndianAuto Team | 01/04/2019
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Buying your first new car means you're going to add a new member into your family. Choosing your first car in your life is one of the hardest things to decide nowadays as there are countless types of cars available in the market.

Buying your first car means you're going to add a new member into your family. Choosing your first car in your life is one of the hardest things to decide nowadays as there are countless types of cars available in the market. The process of buying your first car will be made simple if you follow some of the important instructions given in detail below.


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Setting up the right budget will end up with a smile in your face

Of all the things, the first one that you have to do is to fix your budget. This is to be done just because your first car won’t dig your pockets deep. Before making your next move, decide carefully whether you’re going to buy your dream car on hard cash or opting for a finance scheme. If you’re going by finance, there’s a general rule that your monthly dues should not exceed 15 per cent of your monthly take-home pay. Another thing to be considered is that an additional 7 per cent of your salary shall be spent on fuel.


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Think twice about the purpose of your first car before for you purchase

One of the essence, as well as a useful lodestar on the list, is to reflect on the functionality and purpose of your purchasing. Investing a lot more money in a car which doesn’t entail any purpose in your lifestyle is a complete waste of use. Once before you purchase, contemplate your needs of a car that may fulfil all your needs in the future.


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There are various types to buy so select yours wisely

Since there are various types of cars available in the market, one should have a clear idea that which type of car will cater to all your demands. Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, MPVs, Crossovers and convertible cars are the most recognised types being sold in our country. It is advisable to be clear in the idea that what type of car you love and, says, the same can also be useful in their day to day life. For example, a small family can be comfortable with a Hatchback or a Sedan while a large family needs an SUV or an MPV. So, after setting your budget, set your sight on which type of car is suitable for you.


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Purpose and usage are like both hands for you. Without them, you feel you're losing something more

Usage of the car should also have to be considered because if you’re spending more on a car and you don’t have any time to take on a drive, it will all result in a waste of excess money from your pockets. If you’re going to use your car daily either for a short drive or a long drive, you can buy any car of your choice. But, if your usage is only occasional think over more than twice before confirming any car of your choice.


car maintenance

Getting clever in maintenance procedures is betterment for your car's healthy life

Maintenance holds up a large space in your mind whether the car you’ve chosen will have more than average expenses compared to other cars that your neighbours own. Before confirming the car of your choice, visit the authorised service centre of that respective brand and inquire more details about the maintenance procedures. Low maintenance will end up with a big smile on your face.

Fuel Type

fuel charging

Getting clever in maintenance procedures is betterment for your car's healthy life

Fuel type is also one of the most importantly considerable things before purchasing your first car. If you’re an adrenaline rooster and needs to extract much of the performance from the car, your option should be of petrol cars. Or else, in case of more people to carry or a balanced power and torque characteristics while driving, diesel cars will suit your lifestyle. Also remember that if you’re going to use your car frequently, diesel cars will be a better option and if you’re going to take your car only on a weekend drive or for only some occasional moments, go with the petrol ones.


interior features in car

Don't fond of features that are not going to use in your life

Features of your first car will speak out loud when it comes to the practical day when you take your vehicle out for a long drive. A touch screen infotainment system, for instance, will help you show the destination on Maps, notify when you receive a call so that you don’t have to take your mobile and check it every now and then. More features will give you more pleasurable drive every day. Note that there are some features that are not of use but will only eat your money. So be careful in selecting a car by going through the features that the manufacturer offers and select wisely which suits your daily routine.


car comparison, blue vs orange

A wise man will compare everything before purchasing

If you’ve come along with all the above factors and had a clear idea of almost which is the car you’re going to buy, then this is the next big step to move. No matter which car, what manufacturer or what type of car you’ve chosen, just do the comparison of the car you've selected with the others available in the market on the same price and type basis. Doing a comparison with other competitor cars will give you the greatest idea of what you need so as to simplify your choice of selection.


image rendering five stars

Reading full detailed reviews of the intended car is also the best idea

Once you’ve done your comparison read the full review about the vehicles that are on your selection list from various professional magazines. By reading the review or watching the reviewing videos, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how the cars act on practicality and also gives you exposure to various other features.

 Test Drive

test drive image

A short test drive will give you much confidence with the choice of your car

After going through the reviews, you’ll have a certain wise selection of cars from the various options available, so the final step at the end of the line when purchasing your first car is to do a test drive on your own. Visit the respective brand’s showrooms and ask for the test drive and you’ll feel the pleasure of driving, comfort inside the car, the features in use and so on. That said, it will give you an open-mindedness to finalize the choice of your own.

Once you understand all the above things are to be considered prior to your first purchase, you’re completely ready to walk into the showroom for all the further processes. But a thing is that your first car will anyhow be your learning platform and keep in mind that before you start your car every time, buckle up your seat belt to ensure all the safety rules to be followed.

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