How much is the fine for signal jumping?

by Vivaan Khatri | 03/10/2020
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Signal jumping is among the common traffic law violation. Here are all you need to know about the signal jumping and fine for signal jumping.

The traffic light was invented to ensure the traffic flow smoothly and safety, especially at the intersections of the roads. The three colours of the traffic light signify different meaning. On the top, the illuminating red light means that the upcoming traffic must stop. The yellow indicates the transition from green light to the red light and that drivers and motorists must slow down. The green implies that vehicles can move ahead.


Following the traffic signals is crucial for keeping the traffic flow under control. Signal jumping, on the other hand, might cause a terrible consequence. It might disturb the traffic flow. At worst, it can lead to severe accidents. For all those reasons, signal jumping is forbidden by the law. Red light runners will be given a penalty for their wrongdoing.

Under the newly-revised Motor Vehicle Act, the penalty for traffic lawbreaker will be significantly jack up. It is believed that by increasing the fine, the number of traffic violations will decline. In the same manner, the fine for signal jumping also increases. Here is a couple of things you should know about the new fine for running the red light in India.


What You Should Know About Traffic Light Rules In India?

How much is the fine for signal jumping?

Before the Motor Vehicle Act was amended, signal jumping will be charged with Rs 100-300. However, when the new traffic violation fine scheme goes into effect, the penalty for signal jumping will be increased up to around Rs 1,000. Notably, the same penalty for running a red light will be applied for all types of vehicle.

What happens when you jumping a red light?

Here this the process that you will have to go through if you run the red light.

  • If you do not stop at a red light, you will pull over by the cops.

  • The traffic violator will be asked to show vehicle documents like RC and license to the officers. In case the cops are not there, your misbehaviour will be caught by the traffic camera and will be processed later. An e-challan will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.

  • The traffic police officer will issue a challan on the spot or via the e challan system. You can process fine payment either online or offline

How to pay fine for signal jumping

As mentioned above, traffic law violators can pay fine offline and online. The offender has 60 days to make the payment.


How to pay fine for signal jumping offline?

To process the fine payment offline, you should visit the nearest traffic police stations. You will be given the instruction from the officers to process the pending fine.


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How to pay fine for signal jumping online?

Here are some simple steps to process your signal jumping penalty online:

  • Visit your state’s Transport Department website and log in

  • Go to the section dedicated for challan payment and traffic violation payment

  • Fill in your vehicle number or challan number

  • Process payment using your debit or credit card

  • Download and keep the online receipt for reference purpose

How to avoid jumping the red light signal?

You should not intend to run the red light in the first place. However, in case of unintentional red light jumping situations, here are some small tips for car drivers.

  • Always slow down when approaching intersections on the road and look at the traffic light

  • Always slow down at yellow light

  • Take a U-turn if there is no vehicle coming from the opposite side

  • Regularly take your car to the service centre to make sure the car running in stable condition. In some cases, due to some mechanical issues, the car could not come to stop as the drivers’ command.

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