How To Adjust Your Car Mirrors To Avoid The Blind Spots In Indian Roads

by IndianAuto Team | 02/07/2018
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Knowing how to adjust your car mirror can help you avoid the blind spots which save you and others from the severe accidents.

The blind spot is one of the factors causing severe accidents. Many drivers don't feel the sense of security because they can't find the right angle for the car mirrors. Here's a walkthrough from IndianAuto to guide you how to solve the problem.

Adjust the mirror to avoid the blind spots

Adjust the mirror is to avoid the blind spots

1. The importance of adjusting the car mirror

There is a variety of car mirror types equipped on the car for the sake of helping the drivers with visibility.

  • Rear-view mirror

  • Side mirrors

  • Towing mirrors

  • Wide-angle mirrors

  • Power mirrors

That these mirrors serve as a safety precaution enables the drivers to see the roadway and traffic. Adjusting the car mirror appropriately, drivers can be aware of potential dangers and attempt to avoid them. Conversely, when the mirrors are adjusted in an improper way, the incidents are likely to happen as a result. The main reason is the blind spots. The vehicles, subjects or even people in the blind spot area are cannot be seen in the mirrors by the drivers. This inability has caused countless accidents. Basically, blind spots can be eliminated by overlapping the field of vision of the side and rear-view mirrors. Adding another mirror with a larger field of vision is also another way to eradicate the blind spots. Devices such as the reverse sensor can tackle the issue of blind spots as well. Some common blind spots include the rear sides of the vehicle, the front and back of the vehicle (if the object is too low), and the left and right areas (in cases where side vision is hindered). A driver may be unable to see vehicles in the adjacent lanes of the road by using only the car's mirrors.

adjust the mirror

It is a must for drivers to adjust the mirror

blind spots

Some common blind spots include the rear sides of the vehicle

2. Tips on how to adjust your car mirrors

Following these settings, you will have almost seamless visual contact around, which can help you detect the presence of nearby drivers.

1.    Move your driver's side view mirrors outwards

Turn your head against the driver's side window. Adjust your side view mirror outwards until you can just see the edge of the car.

2.    Move your passenger's side view mirror outwards

Place your head at the of the car and adjust the passenger's side mirror until you see the edge of the car. This is necessary even with convex (curved) mirrors despite the slightly distorted image.

3.   Ensure you cannot see the sides of your car with your side view mirrors

Once back in the normal driving position, both the side mirrors should be able to give a clear view of the lanes beside you, not the sides of your car.

4.    Make sure the two mirrors do not duplicate each other

Both side view mirrors and your rear-view mirror should each give you a unique view of what is behind you. If any of these mirrors duplicate the view of the other, you have failed to adjust your mirrors properly.

5.    Be on the lookout for the blind spots

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How To Adjust Your Car Mirrors To Eliminate Blind Spots

Most of us have dealt with blind spots by turning our head for a quick check. This generally does pose a problem in which, the drivers cannot be aware of the vehicles ahead. With well-positioned mirrors, the drivers will not have to turn to check for hidden blind spots. 

Read through the guides from and never let yourself be blindsided by other vehicles, no matter what direction that vehicle might come from. 

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