How To Choose The Right Wheels For Your Car

by IndianAuto Team | 20/01/2019
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Is it the time to replace your old wheels? Check out the article to know which sizes are best for your car!

Do you really know your car’s wheels?

Many people often use the word “rim” and “wheel” interchangeably to indicate the metal part attaching to the tire. Nevertheless, they are different from each other in 2 main ways. Firstly, a wheel is the device that includes all other parts to form a round spare attached to the cars, and when it rolls on the ground, the car moves. However, a rim is one among many parts of a wheel, and it is enhanced by the spokes. Secondly, a wheel’s function is to move the vehicle, but the rim makes sure the tire doesn’t fall off.

3 rims

Rims are the metal part of the wheels

Depending on the types of wheels, there are different colours, materials, and sizes. If you want to replace your old wheels, you must keep in mind the specs of your car because incompatible wheels will reduce the overall performance of your car and even make it dangerous on the road. In other words, improper wheels may interrupt the transmission function and timing as well as harm the car’s braking system.

What are the most popular sizes of car wheels?

As mentioned above, car wheels have various sizes, ranging between 12″ and 28″ diameter. However, the most common sizes are 15″, 16″ and 17″. What is more, different car types require different wheels. For instance, large rims and wheels are quite popular among sports cars and cars that are used in a warm climate. In contrast, when it comes to cold conditions, it is better for a car to have smaller wheels as they will give additional traction to your car. Another thing to keep in mind is the loading capacity of a car also affects the selection of wheel sizes.

Therefore, it is extremely important to consider all the specs of your car when you decided to change the wheel. A useful tip for you is to look at code like P185/80 R16  The last two numbers indicate the recommended size for your wheels. You may use smaller or bigger sizes, but then it may cost you something in exchange, and we will discuss this problem in the next part.

2 colourful wheels

There are a lot of wheel designs, but you should only choose the ones the fit your car

What to determine in choosing the right wheels?

If it’s time to change your extremely old wheels, you had better purchase a new one having the same size as the previous one. Nevertheless, if you want your wheels to be upgraded, check out these tips below:

  1. Cost is the most prominent factor when upgrading your car’s wheels. Keep in mind that larger wheels usually cost more than smaller wheels in case they are of the same quality;

  2. The second factor is the driving condition. For example, a large wheel is not recommended for off-road cars.

    Moreover, as stated above, the climate of your area can have a big impact on how different wheels function, so choose wisely;

  3. Last but not least, the performance of your car may make you think twice when upgrading wheels. Larger wheels tend to give you better car handling; however, you may give up your riding comfort.

red cars and 3 isolated wheels

Upgrading car wheels can be either good or bad


All in all, wheels are one of the most crucial parts of a car. Therefore, an owner must consider carefully when he or she decides to replace them. 15”, 16”, and 17” are the most common wheel size; however, you can choose a larger or smaller size if it benefits you somehow. In the Indian car market, you can find a wide range of wheels which are distinct in not only sizes, but also colours, styles, materials, and more. Keep in mind that the costs of the wheels are one of the most important factors to consider.

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