How to Pay Challan Online?

by Harish Kumar | 20/09/2019
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How do you know if there is any pending challan against your vehicle? Here is How to Pay Challan Online from the comfort of your home

In the present days, with the booming popularity of online transactions, even Challans can be pended via the Internet in a convenient way. In a bid to make the administrative processes online, the Indian Government are taking steps to incorporate the technology into the transport system at a magical speed. With the new stricter Motor Vehicle Act (Amended) going into effect from Sept 1, 2019, the numbers of fines have been increased considerably. According to some statistics, there were as many as 3,900 challans issued by Delhi Police on the first day of new Act rolling out. From now on, law-breakers can get to know if they have an online pending challan registered on their vehicles via the Internet at ease. 

delhi police stopped traffci violators

The numbers of fines go up significantly after the stringent Motor Vehicle Act with heftier penalty kick in.

True, the Indian Government are making great attempts to make people lives easier. They have created particular websites in which you can check for any pending online challan, also called E-Challan. In fact, each state in India has a website where the citizens can pay the traffic challans without having to come to the office. Information regarding the date and time of your route as well as the pictures of your two-wheelers/ four-wheelers can be observed and all. IndianAuto now helps you figure out how to pay challan online.

tips to check e-challans

Road users now can check the challan status of their vehicles via the Internet at ease.

How to Pay Challan Online? 

Steps to check your Challan status online:

1 Visit the official website:

2 Click on “Check Challan Status” section on the right-side menu

3 You’ll be redirected to a new page

4 Fill the required information and check your Challan status

Here's how to pay challan online:

1. Visit the official transport website in your city.

2. Click onto the section thjat is dedicated to paying the fines. Choose if you would like to pay the violation notices, spot fines, parking charges, etc.

3. Click on the appropriate link and put the details depending upon types of the traffic violations.

4. Fill your new and old vehicle registration number or the parking violation tag number.

5. Fill the details, current outstanding amount

6. Then make the payment

7. Remember to enter the captcha before clicking the “Submit” button.

We hope our guide on How to Pay Challan Online would help you easily submit all the fines from the comfort of your home. 

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