2021 Tesla Model S' F1-style Steering Yoke is Funky Yet Legal in Europe & UK

by Vivaan Khatri | 09/02/2021
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2021 Tesla Model S gets a unique yoke-type steering unit. This new design has invited harsh criticism from the audience and concerns from authorities. However, it is completely legal in the UK and in the European market.

Recently, Tesla has revealed the new 2021 Tesla Model S. The updated design of the Model S has created a huge buzz among the car enthusiast community. Besides all the incredible feature updates as usual, Tesla has brought into play a new styling element which is particularly confusing for many. As per the latest images of the new Tesla Model S, it now features an eccentric steering yoke instead of the regular round steering wheel.


Tesla revealed the new yoke-styled design for the steering system 

This peculiar steering design has met with harsh criticism due to safety concern. There is a good reason why this styling element is rarely seen and has almost gone distinct in the automotive world. The major flaw of this design is its negative impact on car safety. The issue with yoke styled steering wheel of the new Model S is so concerning that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a subdivision of the US Department of Transportation, stated that they will discuss with Tesla in regards to the introduction of this disputed design. However, it has been granted a green signal in the UK and the whole of Europe.


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As per the revealed images, the yoke steering unit gets a rectangular shape with the top half of the wheel omitted. In the pictures, it is undeniable that this bold styling element looks fantastic. However, in reality, driving with a yoke-styled steering wheel can be very dangerous, especially when drivers take a U-turn or make an over-hand turn or parallel park.


Tesla Model S might be launched with two version of the steering wheel

However, the yoke steering is not a default element for all 2021 Tesla Model S. Instead, Tesla has prepared for the controversy and developed a tradition steering wheel unit as well. The images of the Tesla Model S with regular round steering wheel were found on its official website’s source code, suggesting that Tesla has planned two versions of the steering system for the upcoming Model S' launch.


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It should be noted that the yoke steering design is not plainly ruled out by the law. In fact, there is no regulation dictating the shape of the steering wheel. The only thing that matters is that it must meet the crash standards. It means that there is still room for Tesla to roll off this design as long as it complies with the safety standards.

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