Check out These 5 Hottest Wannabe Cars In India: From Audi Ciaz To Mercedes-Benz Scorpio

by Harish Kumar | 01/07/2019
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From the Audi Ciaz to Mercedes-Benz Scorpio, here's the list of five affordable cars that want to become charming-looking luxurious models in around India.

In the exact sense of words, wannabe cars are those which were born in the middle-class families but carry the aspirations to break the limit to touch the sky someday. If you have seen those cars plying on the roads, you might have been mistaken them for luxury models from the high-end exotic auto brands. Here’s are such 5 vehicles that could be named “Wannabe cars” in India.

Audi Ciaz

audi ciaz white front angle

In the world of luxury car brands, Audi might not scale to the highest in the desirable brand list though, it still manages to garner a huge band of followers across the globe. It is as quite evident by the following case itself. It seems like the owner of the first-gen Maruti Ciaz was not happy with the Suzuki logo at the front of the vehicle. A Ciaz sedan dressed like Audi clothes that gives it the wacky name Audi Ciaz but a glossier exterior design. This modified sedan gets a lower ride stance, newly-added signature Audi’s grille housing an Audi logo up front. That’s a perfect recipe to get an eye-catchy Audi car on the cheap, obviously!

Mercedes-Benz Dzire

mercedes-benz dzire white front angle

Mercedes-Benz has been a legendary marque around the automotive world and in India, Mercedes cars are increasingly evolving in its popularity stakes. Whereas, a popular model from the market-leading automaker Maruti Suzuki, the Dzire hardly needs an introduction for our dear car fanatics. However, again, the owner of this Dzire must be a huge fan of Mercedes since he has made the Dzire look pretty nice with the Mercedes-Benz wraps. Even he has customized the logo on his own that is a good mix of Mercedes and Spyker in one.

Lexus Fortuner

lexus fortuner front angle

Among all the cars in the list, the Lexus Fortuner here should be one of the most popular badge swaps in our country. Converting a Toyota Fortuner into a Lexus model has become a growing trend in India and there's a slew of such models that we’ve told you in our earlier reports. The Fortuner above gets Lexus’s iconic X-shaped hexagonal grille at the front along with revised bumpers and LED daytime running lights which mix well with each other on the outside of the Fortuner. This SUV takes huge inspiration from the Lexus LX 570 which is priced nearly 7 times higher than the cost of a regular Toyota Fortuner unit.

Lexus Camry

lexus camry red front view

Although the Toyota Camry is quite a premium and luxurious car itself, some people seem to have an insatiable desire to upgrade it to a higher extent. The stock version of the Toyota Camry looks impressive with stately design, comfortable and spacious cabin and of course, it never comes cheap, either. The current-gen Camry can be priced at Rs 40 Lakh mark or so in India. However, the owner of this Toyota Camry wants more than just that. What happens if you are able to buy a Camry but can’t afford to buy a Lexus? Then it comes, a Lexus Camry! That’s what he had done on his car and this modified Toyota Camry looks nice with a refreshed front bumper, flared wheel arches, tweaked front grille with a Lexus logo standing out at the front. That said, he’s totally successful to takes matters to a whole new level.

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Mercedes-Benz Scorpio


It’s a common name to us, the Mahindra Scorpio, which is undeniably one of the best-selling SUVs in the Indian market. While most of the car lovers are looking forward to welcoming a generation update of the Scorpio set to come next year, a chap seems to be unhappy with Mahindra’s plans to massively revise the Scorpio’s look, hence decided to give his ride some customized works himself. This modified Mahindra Scorpio now dons the Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star badge in the middle of the two-slatted front grille. Clearly, that’s a Scorpio just disguised as a Mercedes-Benz G-class and no one could realize this SUV is a Mahindra car indeed.

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