All You Need To Know About Repainting Your Car

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/07/2020
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A lot of car users are worrying about their car's exterior finish. One of the way to take away their worry is to have the car repainted.

Maintaining exterior car paint is one of the priorities for car users. A well-maintained exterior will make the car look new and shiny, which attracts the attention of the passersby as well as bring the satisfaction for car owners. To renew the exterior finish, there are a couple of methods like car washing, polishing and waxing. In the worse case, the car owner might have to resort to repainting the car. In some other cases, car owners want new paint for their cars simply to refresh their car's looks. One of the important questions is how much does it cost to cost to paint a car. The price it takes to paint a car depends on different factors which will be fully explained in the following part.

car painting

Car painting would bring a shiny new look for your car 

How much repainting your car need?

If your car only has a small area that requires to be restored, you would not have to repaint the entire car. Therefore, the price will also lower than a full cover repainting job. The price for painting one panel might ranges from Rs 2,000 to Rs 6,000.


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The quality of the exterior paint is also a vital factor that determines the painting cost. If your exterior paint quality is awful and rusty, it might require the entire body to be carefully repainted. In this case, the price will be more expensive than the repainting one panel only.

rusty car paint

Rusty cars would require a thorough repainting

What kind of painting your car needs?

There are a couple of options for car owners who want a painting job. If you want to retain the original colour of the car, the cost will also be lower than repainting the car in a new shade since applying a new colour might require the painter to cover the entire car from inside out. It also means a lot of work to be invested in the disassembling job as well. The price charged for a complete painting from exterior to interior is around Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000.

What types of paint do you use?

Apparently, a different type of paint costs you differently. High-quality paint is more expensive. However, a high-quality can last longer and the visual effect also reflects the price.

Where you have your car painted?

One of the factors that might make a big difference in the price you have to pay is where you have it done. Shops with better equipment and higher expertise might charge you higher. It should be noted that some garages have a paint booth that is designed for painting car only. This special booth will make sure that the car paint will not be exposed to dust and debris during the process and while it is drying. For such investment, they will also command a higher price.

car paint pallette

Finding a trustable garage is very important

However, it does not mean any shop that charge more will deliver better paint quality and better services or otherwise. You can find shops that offer decent repainting job at a good price. It is good advice to seek recommendations from your relatives and friends.

DIY or Professional Painting?

It is possible for an individual to carry a DIY painting project for his or her car. The required tools can be easily purchased from car tool shops. Apparently, DIY painting can save you a lot of money. However, you should be aware that it requires extensive expertise to do a proper repaint job for your car. In case your car needs a comprehensive repainting job, you should seek professional help.


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