You Will Be Shocked When Looking At These Five Customized Maruti Swift

by Mohammed Burman | 02/07/2019
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This article is going to provide you with five most stunning modified Maruti Swift across India.

The Maruti Swift has been among the best-selling hatchbacks in India since its introduction to the country in 2005. After its launch, it completely altered the Indian hatchback segment, in which other hatchbacks like the Maruti Alto, WagonR and the Hyundai Santro had taken part before that.

The first-gen Swift had a fashionable appearance, was fun to drive, very budget-friendly and easy to be modified. The third-gen Swift inherits all these positive aspects and remains to be one of the most customized cars in India. Below is a list of five impressively modified third-gen Maruti Swift which can blow your mind.

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Dark Samurai

The first modified Maruti Swift is called the Dark Samurai. The vehicle has been thoroughly modified with a new glossy dark blue paint scheme, which adds a certain degree of depth to the car’s appearance. This is also the reason why it is called the Dark Samurai.

Aftermarket fog lights and the headlamps have replaced the stock ones; the car body now features a new body kit. The red stripe on the grille and the restyled LED DRLs add to its stylish appearance. Having said that, the most outstanding feature is the custom alloy wheels which look gorgeous and aggressive.

Dark Samurai black front angle

The depth given to the Dark Samurai by the polishing dark blue paint scheme is the reason for its unique name.

Silver Arrow

Another customized Maruti Swift which is sure to catch your attention is the Silver Arrow. The unique silver paint scheme makes the Swift outstanding from the other silver cars on the roads. Accompanying the silver paint scheme across the body is the dark shades.

A Swift Sport body package has been applied to the vehicle and is responsible for almost all the alterations done to the car. Some of the outstanding modifications done to the car include aftermarket projector headlamps which have taken the stock units and LED DRLs. Overall, all the modifications have helped the Maruti Swift become a Silver Arrow, which has a simple but not boring, outstanding but not aggressive appearance.

silver arrow bule front angle

The Silver Arrow is a simple but not boring, outstanding but not aggressive vehicle.

Angry Lowrider

The name “Angry Lowrider” comes from the modified car’s angry face and low ground clearance. Sometimes, simple is the best. This is considered to be one of the best aesthetic modification jobs done on the third-gen Swift so far. It is equipped with the Swift Sport body package, apart from which, the modder also added more details which further enhances its appearance.

The silky white paint scheme gives it a noble feel. The front splitter and the white lamp eye-shadows lend the vehicle an aggressive look. Finally, the impressive alloy wheels and a roof-mounted spoiler in the rear completed its attractive appearance.

Angry Lowrider white front angle

The Angry Lowrider has received one of the best mod jobs done to the Maruti Swift so far.


The GlamStar looks really attractive with a bright wrap job all over its body. The vehicle comes with a front lip spillter, side skirts and rear diffuser, all of which are finished in black. This body package contributes to the sportiness of the car. The aftermarket headlights with matrix indicators, the LED DRLs, the nose which is tipped by chrome, the attractive alloy wheels make a perfect combination on the GlamStar.

Overall, with the red wrapping all over the body, the GlamStar will not fail to catch anyone’s eye on the road.

Glamstar red front angle

With a red wrap job, the Glamstar looks really attractive.

Red Hot

The final modified Maruti Swift is another red one but now, it is not covered by chrome wraps. It comes with a lower body sports kit which consists of a spitter in the front, side skirts and a diffuser in the rear. The black headlamps have given way to LED units which remind us of those on Porsche vehicles.

An aftermarket sunroof has also been equipped on the car. The alloy rims on the Red Hot are among the most good-looking till date and further contribute to the attractive look of the vehicle.

Red Hot red front angle

Also covered in red wrapping, the Red Hot looks really hot but it does not get chrome bits around its body.

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Above is the list of five modified Maruti Swifts which are sure to take you aback when you catch sight of them on the road. Which one impresses you the most? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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