Ford Mustang’s Loud Exhaust Filled With Expanding Foam By Angry Neighbours

by Mohammed Burman | 29/12/2020
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Recently, a Ford Mustang’s owner has unluckily got his car’s exhausts filled with expanding foam by angry neighbours. Do not believe? Read on for more details!

However fun a loud exhaust noise can be for a driver, it is such a nuisance to neighbours. Sometimes, their angriness has amounted to the point where a note has been left on the windscreen and the car’s exhaust has been filled with expanding foams.


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foam from car exhausts

Some angry neighbours have filled a Ford Mustang's noisy exhausts with expanding foam to express their annoyance.

This is exactly the case for a Ford Mustang’s owner whose car has such a loud noise that it has driven some of the neighbours up the wall. The damage can be serious if the sooty coating in the muffler does not prevent the foam from taking a hold of the metal. However, in this case, the purpose of the damage creators is not to damage the car, but only to notice the car owner about the nuisance that the car and its loud exhausts have caused to them. Moreover, a "warning" note has been left on the windscreen of the car.

The Ford Mustang’s owner, Aaron Robinson, discovered the damage to his car one week ago and has recently released images of the car’s exhausts and the note, which have attracted numerous Internet browsers’ attention.

neighbours notes on ford mustang

Apart from the foam in the exhaust, the neighbours have also left a "warning" note on the Mustang's windscreen.


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From a neutral perspective, we think that this is a pretty disgraceful behaviour on something that emits some noises into the environment for only a few seconds. Robinson also claims that he would have adjusted the muffler back to a standard unit if the neighbours had only asked him to do so. However, they attacked his car.

Let’s see what the Ford Mustang’s owner would do. Will he change the muffler or have a polite talk with the neighbours or anything else? Let’s wait for our next post. Before being informed of the results, please write to us to share your idea.

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