Check Out The Best Car Wash Shampoos in India

by IndianAuto Team | 21/04/2020
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Read on to discover the best car wash shampoos in India along with all their details

Previously, we have introduced to you a list of best car perfumes. Nevertheless, besides keeping your car smelling pleasant, you also need to keep it clean. Let's imagine after you have cleaned your favourite car, you can proudly drive it. Apart from aesthetic purpose, a clean exterior will extend the lifespan of the car paint, helping your car look new for many years. Nevertheless, if you ignore the car paint and exterior for a long time, the paint is very vulnerable and the damage is irreparable.  If your car exterior is not properly and frequently maintained, your car is very likely to suffer from scratches or damage which can lead to dull paint or even rust.

Many car owners wash their vehicles with dish soap. Nevertheless, this can damage the paint and the coat finish can be cleared. It can also remove the sealants and the wax that protect the vehicle’s paint from outside damage. Adopting a specifically-designed soap formula for your vehicle will help preserve the car paint. We have tested many car wash shampoos before coming with this list of the best car wash shampoos in India. With these shampoos, you only need to clean your car several times a year.


Automotive Car Shampoo by Permagard India

This shampoo by Permagard India has all the reasons to be on top. It’s tested at extreme temperatures and made in compliance with the highest global standards. It works really very well on all painted surfaces of a car, and it’s pH neutral too. That’s what makes it the best car shampoo. Car lovers should trust this shampoo because it’s non-toxic and feels gentle on their hands while washing.


With Permagard Car Shampoo, you are assured of a high gloss clean-up, as it smoothly suspends dirt and contaminants stuck in the pores of exterior surfaces. And it’s also suitable to be used on satin, matte, and vinyl-covered car surfaces. Your protective coating goes in the right hands when Permagard Car Shampoo is used. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly because it is free from silicone and phosphate.

You’ll be amazed to know that this car shampoo comes from the house of the World-famous Car Care Brand “Permagard,” which is present across more than 30 Countries and counts all top names of Aviation, Marine, and Automobile sector as their clients.

3M IA260166391 Auto Specialty Shampoo

Every day, your car travels through many dusty and muddy roads, which makes its paint appear dull. It is where the 3M car wash shampoo shows its usefulness. The shampoo comes with both hard and soft water, which helps its foam easily remove stubborn dirt from the car paint without having any detrimental effects on the paint surface. It the dirt is too stubborn, you can pour some undiluted shampoo on it and then wash it as usual.

3m ia260166391 auto specialty shampoo

Formula 1 615016 Carnauba Wash and Wax Shampoo

This car wash shampoo comes with rich foam which can deeply cleans and adds a carnauba shine. It is produced by Northern Labs Inc., USA, one of the leading brands which are well-known for high-quality car care products made from natural Carnauba Wax. Formula 1 is the largest and oldest car-care brand in India and has been present in the country for 25 years. The product is marketed in more than 75 countries all over the world.

formula 1 615016 carnauba wash and wax shampoo

Waterless Auto Wash Concentrate

A sedan-sized vehicle can be cleaned with only 5 ml of waterless auto concentrate mixed with 500 ml of water. Active agents in the shampoo lift dirt and grime from the surface and provide lubrication to prevent the dirt from accumulating and causing damage while washing. You can use this shampoo to clean the exterior and interior, glass, plastics, wheels, glass, tyres, vinyl, etc. but not fabric.

waterless auto wash concentrate

Wavex® Wash and Wax Car Shampoo

This shampoo saves you much time and offers your vehicle a clean and wet shine. It combines a biodegradable car wash with a high gloss dose of shine. The dirt and grime can be removed without scratching the vehicle’s paint. With only a wash, a wet glistening shine and the added protection of wax can be delivered to the car.

wavex wash and wax car shampoo


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Niks Car Wash Foaming Shampoo

Made from specialized materials from Switzerland, this shampoo can provide your car with extra cleaning and shining, thanks to the heavy foam. Dirt can be removed thoroughly and quickly from the car. You only need to mix 10 to 15 mm of shampoo with 5 litres of water to give your car a new look.

niks car wash foaming shampoo

Best car wash shampoos in India: FAQ

1. Can hair shampoo be used to wash the car?

Hair shampoo is an ideal car shampoo which can perfectly clean the dirt from the car body. Baby shampoo is also highly recommended as its gentle ingredients will not harm the car’s paint.

2. How often should my car be washed?

This depends on the usage of your car and the weather conditions that your car is driven in. In normal conditions, you should wash your car once or twice a week.


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3. Is waterless car wash shampoo good?

Waterless shampoos can be used on any car’s surface. In comparison with other conventional kinds of shampoo, it is much safer and will help you save water.

4. Which cloth material is most suitable for car washing?

To wash the car without scratching the car surface, a clean microfibre cloth is highly recommended.

Above is the list of five best car wash shampoos in India and several frequently asked questions with answers. We hope that after reading this article, you can wash your car safely and properly.

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