Which Are The Best Car Perfumes In India?

by IndianAuto Team | 03/04/2020
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You are annoyed with the unpleasant smell in your car. Do not worry since in this article, we are going to provide you with a list of 10 most effective car perfumes in India which will help remove the most stubborn odours from your car.

Before starting with the list of 10 best car perfumes in India, we would like to point out that the most important thing to keep the smell inside the car pleasant is to keep the car interior clean. If the car cabin is not clean enough, these car perfumes will be useless. Therefore, make sure that the interior of the car is clean before applying the following car air fresheners.

Glade car freshener

  • Price: INR 200

Being one of the most prestigious air fresheners' brands and has been around for decades, Glade has a wide range of aromas on offer for you to choose from. Being priced at only INR 200, this car perfume is an ideal choice for those who wish to help their car have a pleasant smell but are on a limited budget.  

glade car freshener

Ambi Pur

  • Price: INR 299

If you have applied this type of perfume to your house, you will never forget how effective it is. Ambi Pur can also be used for your car. Like most other car air fresheners, it is also offered in numerous variants. All of the variants are able to emit a strong and long-lasting odour, which can give your car an elegant charm.

ambi pur

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My Shaldan Air Freshener

  • Price: INR 325

With an affordable price, this perfume offers your car a pleasant and strong aroma, thanks to more than 5,000 citrus peel extracts compressed into only one single thick layer. Being one of the most popular perfume brands, My Shaldan has been present in India for more than 70 years and has created certain prestige among the Indian car users. There are numerous variants on offer. You are free to try many of them or stick to only one favourite fragrance.

my shaldan car air freshener

Involve Your Senses

  • Price: INR 350

This is one of the most powerful and most premium-looking car perfumes available in the Indian market. It can spread the pleasant smell from the car to you and other passengers in the car as well. This made-in-India perfume is specifically developed for the Indian climate. Being available in eight variants, it can be applied to any types of cars.

involve your senses

Areon Car Freshener

  • Price: INR 355

Being available in various countries all over the world, this car perfume is an ideal option for people who are searching for a consistently spread smell. One of the unique selling points of this car air freshener is the reliable smell which can last for up to 80 days. Being available in nine variants, this perfume can be used for both your car and house.

areon car freshener

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Godrej Aer Twist

  • Price: INR 379

When talking about car perfumes, it would be a mistake not to mention Godrej Aer Twist, which is formerly very popular with people who do not have much time to clean their locks and wardrobes. Recently, it has become an ideal car perfume which can produce a fresh and long-lasting smell for your car interior without any leakage. With  eight variants available, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

godrej aer twist

Little Joe Car Freshener

  • Price: INR 400

As it name suggests, this cute Little Joe Car Freshener is a smiley-faced non-toxic non-alcohol polymer. The aroma can last for up to 45 days; after that, the cute smell stays forever. Manufactured in Italy, this car perfume is now also available in India.

little joe car freshener

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Feelgood Car Perfume Air Freshener

  • Price: INR 499

Full with jasmine and lemongrass, this car perfume has a sublime smell which can make your car feel fresh each time you take it for a ride. This air freshener will make you feel good and want to stay in the car more. Being a liquid-based perfume, this car air perfume has a slightly limited number of options than other ones in the list, only two on offer.

feelgood car perfume air freshener

Master Aroma

  • Price: INR 1,299

Being one of the best perfumes in the world, Master Aroma is very popular with car owners. Well-known for its premium smell which manages to last long. It has a good appearance, an elegant aroma and a good feeling, which can satisfy the most choosy car owners.

master aroma

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Molecule Aroma

  • Price: INR 2,999

Molecule Aroma is ideal for those who are searching for a really reliable and fancy perfume. With a strong and naturally pleasant aroma, this perfume can help you feel relaxed and will make every trip as peaceful as possible. Molecule Aroma can be automatic turned on when the car’s motor starts since it gets airborne technology. Although the price is a little bit expensive, with all its good qualities, it perfectly deserves this price.

molecule aroma

Above is a list of 10 best car perfumes in India. We hope that with these car perfumes, your car will be kept free of unpleasant odours all the time. Do not forget to keep your car clean so that the car perfumes can be most effective.

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