This Modified Maruti Omni Looks Like it Belongs to Mafia

by Mohammed Burman | 16/01/2021
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In this article, we are going to present to you a modified Maruti Omni, which looks really great with a badass body package and an all-black exterior paint scheme.

Being the largest automaker in India, Maruti Suzuki has manufactured several iconic cars in the country like the Maruti Omni and 800. Although both these cars have been discontinued, they still maintained a huge fan base. Quite a few people have even beautifully modified their vehicles. Below, we would like to present to you one such customized Maruti Omni which is owned by Jassim bin Abdul Rashid. This vehicle has been modified by Carbon Automotive and comes with many alterations over the stock one.

modified maruti omni front three angles


Modified Maruti Omni “Black Devil” Looks MENACING

The van comes with an all-black exterior paint scheme, which looks really attractive. It receives a custom-built front bumper, blacked-out headlights, red-tinted projector lights, a large air dam and LED indicators. On the side profile, the windshields and windows have been heavily tinted, which contributes to the van’s macho attraction and comes harmoniously with the rest of the exterior. The doors have been kept intact with the same sliding rear door feature, which is really practical and cool. As regards the interior, the modified Maruti Omni comes with a three-row seating configuration with the middle pilot seat row and front and rear bench seats. The whole cabin comes with a red paint scheme all over the door panels and the seats.

modified maruti omni side profile

modified maruti omni rear three angles


This Modified Maruti Omni Is More "BADASS" Than Kia Seltos

Whether any alterations have been done to the car’s powertrains remains to be unknown. However, one thing we are quite sure is that since these changes are illegal, they will definitely attract plenty of fines if the van happens to be operated on Indian roads. The stock Maruti Omni was powered by a 0.8-litre 3-cyl NA gasoline burner which could deliver 35 HP against 59 Nm and is mated to a 4-speed MT.

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