Buy Used Ford Endeavour At The Price of A Top-Spec Tata Hexa

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 27/08/2019
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Ever thought of buying a used Ford Endeavour in place of a new Tata Hexa, and confused if this would be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Read : Excellent) decision? Finding it out here for you with a list of pristine examples of Endeavour, starting from 22 lacs INR.

The latest-gen Ford Endeavour was launched in the country in the year 2016 and is on sale to date with just a minor facelift up its age. The brawny SUV is based on Ford’s Ranger pickup and is sold as Everest in international markets. With its dimensional apprehensions towering over every other car on road, the SUV has loads of road-presence. For this very reason itself, you would have surely thought of owning one at any given cost. Talking about the cost, the new one can set you back by almost 35 lacs INR for the top-end trim given the discounts Ford has on offer now. While a mint example of 2016 manufacturing year can be easily found at a price quote ranging between 22 lacs to 23 lacs INR.

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Endeavour is sold internationally under Everest trademark by Ford.

Some pristine examples of Ford Endeavour that are listed on and worth considering as an option.

  1. Ford Endeavour 3.2 Trend AT 4X4 for sale at 21.9 lacs INR.
  2. 2016 Ford Endeavour AT for sale at 22 lacs with 43000kms clocked.
  3. Ford Endeavour 2.2 Trend AT 4X2 2016 for sale at 23 lacs with 45000kms clocked.
  4. 2016 Ford Endeavour 2.2 Trend AT 4x2 for sale at 23.75 lacs with 37000kms clocked.
  5. Ford Endeavour 3.2 Trend AT 4X4 for sale at 26.5 lacs with 43000 kms clocked.

Used Ford Endeavours for sale at


Why Should You Buy One?

The used examples of Endeavour look all the most same in comparison to the new facelift version of the SUV, which get minimalistic changes to its exteriors. While the recent facelift can serve as an excuse to bring the price further down, and a pristine example with less than 50,000kms on ODO would be an easy find for 23 lacs INR. The SUV offers a road presence that can only be shaken by a Land Cruiser and cannot be stirred at all. It also offers a practical cabin with oodles of space and plenty of cup-holders to hold your glasses or cup-noodles. With a leather-trimmed dash, seating for 7, panoramic sunroof, parking sensors at both ends, AC vents on all three rows, electronically folding 3rd-row seats, powered tailgate, satellite navigation,  and more the Endeavour offered every possible feature from a car of a segment higher.

Endeavour offers load of road presence and proper hardcore offroading hardware with a low-range box..

If this still does not sound convincing, the Endeavour came equipped with a reliability coefficient of 1, 1 being the highest. The 4x4 system of the SUV is also an applauded equipment and assists the driver to take on any route combined with the satellite navigation on offer. For Starters, Endeavour has better control over its pitch, yaw, roll, rise, and squat characteristics in comparison to its competitors. In simpler words, the SUV has a plush ride quality despite all its bulk and does not scare the occupants while encountering the twisties.

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With hosts of electronic aids and features on offer, the SUV seats 7 with leather trimmed interiors and dash.

What Should Be Checked?

Since the Endeavour carried a hefty price tag on its windows, the number of components which might break, and their cost to replace is also high. God forbid, they don’t go for tosses that easily; all thanks to Ford’s build quality. But there are some essential checks which are required to be done, to corroborate the fact that the car has been kept well by the owner. One can check for any swollen paint patch or difference in paint shades of consecutive panels, or rust spots, to ensure that the vehicle hasn’t met with any accident before, apart from a check over regular consumables like the Tyres. While the MT variants should be checked for extra clutch play to understand the wear on the clutch plates, the AT variants can be checked with a test ride if the creep function works properly and the gearbox has smooth shifts. But all these would hardly be hampered if the car is driven sanely since Ford loaded it with same gearboxes as their F-150 series pickups. What is concerning though is suspension wear, as the cost of replacing it is in tandem with the pricing of a new Endeavour. So a basic drive with experienced hands is all that is needed to ensure if the car is OK or not.

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Yes It Will Be A Hassle-free Ride.

With Ford’s annual service cost of around 7000 INR and that for a flagship SUV which costs northwards of 35Lacs if bought new is not expensive at all. This is where we can say that Ford has made the ownership experience of their newer products a real delight. Oh yes, the 2016 model can be insured for anywhere between 25000-30000 INR.

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