First Maruti Ertiga With Electric Tailgate

by Mohammed Burman | 10/01/2021
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Recently, a video which shows the first modified Maruti Ertiga with an electric tailgate has been released on the Internet. Read on for more details.

Due to the laws, auto modification is not so popular in India. Now, you can rarely catch sight of modified cars in the country; a well-customized car is even rarer.  MPVs such as Toyota Innova and Maruti Ertiga are not popular with car modifiers. This is the reason why this newest-gen Maruti Ertiga is the first modified Maruti Ertiga which comes with an electric tailgate. Firstly, please have a look at the modification video of the MPV.

The video has been published by Auto accessories which has also done the mod job. Coming to the details of the modification, the customized Maruti Ertiga now comes with 5000K cool HID projector lights, which make it very premium and sporty. LED DRLs are installed on the fog light housings, which look great. The most outstanding alteration in the Ertiga is the electric tailgate which is not available in any other MPVs in India.

10 carbon fibre pieces worth INR 12,000 are installed in the car. In the exterior, carbon fibre finish is present on the wing mirrors and door handles. A body-coloured kit has also been added to give the car a muscular look. In the rear, quad faux exhausts have been equipped to contribute to the sportiness of the car.


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The interior of the Maruti Ertiga has also got considerable alterations. To be more specific, the MPV comes with an updated infotainment system which plays videos on the move, which is not recommended. Furthermore, it gets aftermarket ambient lighting, leather upholstery, which makes the cabin feel premium and comfortable. There are several other alterations such as aftermarket wheel covers, lower window garnish, steering with carbon fibre finish, matrix rear pillar lights and matrix turn indicators. Roof carriers and roof rails have also been installed. Nevertheless, since roof carriers are not allowed in private vehicles in the country, if they are installed, this should be mentioned in the registration certificate.

maruti ertiga electric tailgate

The Maruti Ertiga has been modified with a wide range of impressive alterations.


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The total cost of the modification job is approximately INR 1.65 lakh. Whether the labour chargers are included in this remains to be unknown. Please directly contact the garage for more details.

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