Karnataka Deputy CM: Good Roads, Not Bad Roads Cause Accidents

by Mohammed Burman | 16/09/2019
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Good roads, not bad roads are the reason for most of the accidents in India, said Karnataka Deputy CM. Is this true or false? Let’s discover with us in this article.

Recently, Govind Karjol, Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister has made an illogical and shocking claim which has attracted a number of comments once it went viral on the Internet. He stated,

“Accidents don’t occur due to bad roads. They happen when roads are good and safer, that’s when accidents are more... People drive at high speeds on our roads. Accidents happen on highways when people drive at speeds above 100kmph.”

Govind Karjol: Good roads, not bad roads cause accidents

This seems to be an illogical claim since numerous serious accidents have been caused by potholes on bad roads. Last year, in Mumbai, a scooter rider hit a pothole, fell in front of a truck and then was crushed by it. An autorickshaw also hit a pothole, got overturned and crushed under the truck. He later died in this evening.

govind karjol pothole

Bad roads are the reason for plenty of accidents in India.

The roads in India are notorious for their bad quality. The country has also been one of the countries which have the largest number of accidents. Actually, bad roads cause more accidents, particularly at night when drivers have poor visibility. Motorists all over the country are protesting against bad roads. One of the most interesting ways of doing so is to get dressed as an astronaut and implement a moonwalk on the bad roads in Bengaluru.

Moreover, traffic participants have also raised their voice against the new Motor Vehicle Act with new challan rates 2019, which took effect from September 1 and has been adopted by almost all UTs and states. The new new challan rates 2019, which have raised the penalties by up to 20 times and been added some new penalties, are implemented with a view to deterring people from violating the traffic regulations; thereby, reducing the number of accidents in the country.

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Karnataka government has an intention of following the example of Gujarat government to reduce the new challan rates 2019.  BJP-ruled Gujarat was the first state to make an official announcement on a considerable reduction by INR 1,000 - INR 10,000 for the penalties. Commenting on the intention of Karnataka government, another deputy chief minister, Laxman Savadi, stated,

“Common people shouldn’t be burdened by the fines. Even though we might get additional funds, our intention is to come to the aid of the common people. In three-four days we will look at the changes elsewhere and take necessary action.”

india traffic police

Indian police have issued a number of challans for the traffic rules violators.

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