KTM 390 Duke Rider Exposes Police Officer Driving Tata Sumo Without Seatbelt

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/05/2020
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A video recording of a confrontation between a KTM 390 Duke rider and a police officers in a Tata Sumo went viral recently

Unfortunately, traffic laws aren't very highly regarded by some Indian drivers. As a result, Indian roads are often a complete chaos. The lawmakers in India have constantly been on their toes to properly enforce the rules and regulations. As per the revised Mobile Vehicle Act, even the penalties have been increased to curb the widespread traffic violation across the country. While this has had some effect on the Indian drivers, things take a completely different angle when police officers, whose job is to enforce law, themselves become the violators.  

Kerala police gets pulled over by youngster and forced to put seatbelt


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A video that has been recorded a biker chasing a Tata Sumo of the police force and confronting the cop for not wearing a seatbelt went viral recently. In the video, a young biker on his KTM 390 Duke, after finding out that two cops travelling in the Sumo are not using seatbelt, chases them down and questins the police officers about the seatbelt. At first, the police officer tries to ignore him and speeds up, but the biker keeps chasing them, until the police officer reluctantly starts replying to the biker. Finally, the KTM-rider overtakes the police vehicle and forces it pull over. After some arguement, the cops finally buckle up. 

However, it is not the first time that a citizen has stood up against the police officers for their misdemeanour. There are plenty of videos of the same scenarios where police officers are caught flouting the traffic rules. In most cases, the police officers stand their ground and not back off during the confrontation with the common man. In fact, in a video we've seen before, a cop even attacks a man who confronted him for not wearing a helmet. We feel that such cops should not be spared from being published as per the law. In fact, previously, a cop has even got suspended for not wearing a helmet.


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Police Gets Exposed By Biker For Not Wearing Seatbelt While Driving

Under the new MV Act, goverment officers will be charged double the amount for violating traffic law

With regards to this situation involving the Tata Sumo and KTM 390 Duke, some of you might wonder if it is right to stop a police car. Normally, the act of stopping a police car can be considered as obstructing the government officials on duty. Moreover, chasing on public roads is not a good idea either. The obstructer can face an undesirable legal penalty. Stopping police car, thus, is not the best solution in this case. We strongly advise anyone in such a situation to wait until the car is stopped or record a video and send it to the authority or upload online for more effective exposure. The lesson here is that regardless of who you are, a government officer or a normal citizen, the traffic rules should be strictly respected.

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