Watch Lockdown Violators Get Owned In This Social Experiment

by Kshitij Rawat | 24/04/2020
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Recently, the police in Tamil Nadu decided to organise a social experiment on the streets of Tirupur to spread awareness among the general public.

As India remains in a state of high alert, the Government has disallowed people from roaming free on the streets. There are, however, plenty of violators who aren’t taking the situation seriously. To educate people about the gravity of the situation, there have been plenty of attempts by cops as well as plenty of Samaritans, both online and offline. The police department of Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, has also joined the cause recently, with a unique social experiment.

Social Experiment by police In Tirupur

The video above shows cops on the streets of Tirupur, performing their regular duties. They spot a group of youngsters on a motorcycle and a scooter. The young boys are quite free-spirited, joy-riding during the lockdown. Although a few of them have masks (or make-shift masks), they are riding around without helmets, and the group on the scooter is triple-riding. The cops stop the boys as usual, and try to make them understand their folly. After a brief attempt, they resort to slightly “extreme” measures.

Police perform social experiment with lockdown violators

Police perform a social experiment with lockdown violators

Parked by the side of the road is an ambulance, with a patient (any guesses what the patient’s ailment is?) inside it. Of course, the “patient” is an actor. The boys are then forced inside the van, to which they wildly oppose. Once the cops manage to lock them inside the ambulance, the actor starts coughing. This scares the boys silly, and they try every possible way to escape. One of them manages to jump out of the window, but is thrown back inside. The actor moves around and attempts to get close to the boys, possibly trying to calm them down sensing their fear. This attempt, however, went in vain.


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After about a minute or few, the cops open the doors, at which point the boys come running out. The video then transitions to the officer in charge, who explains why it is important to stay at home during these times, to always have a mask handy, and to keep washing our hands, etc. She also explains that the idea of this social experiment was to spread awareness among the general public, especially those who believe they are invincible against the infection.

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