Mahindra Thar 4x4 Demonstrates Astounding Off-road Performance

by Vivaan Khatri | 24/01/2021
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Mahindra Thar is well-known for its excellent off-road abilities. Check out this video where the off-roader SUV shows its outstanding off-road capabilities.

2020 Mahindra Thar was among the most anticipated launches this year. Living up to the expectation, the new Thar has become a huge hit in the Indian market. The demand for this car is so high that it is practically sold out until May 2021. Noted for its offroad capabilities, the new Mahindra Thar was brought into some offroad missions ever since its launch. In the following video, we will see how a Mahindra Thar under its stock version handles offroad driving situations in a rural area.


At the beginning of the video, the driver tested the approach and departure angles of the SUV. During this test, Mahindra Thar was driven to a steep slope where the regular cars with small approach and departure angles would hit its bumpers. However, Mahindra Thar’s approach and departure angles of 42 and 37 degrees, respectively, allowed the car to start ascending smoothly. Even though the Mahindra struggled to climb up the steep and slippery slope and the wheels were spinning hard, the good news that its bumpers steered well away from the ground.


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Afterwards, the group of vloggers drove this Mahindra Thar to a test on the rougher roads. A camera was installed inside to record how much the body rolls get into the cabin and how the occupants are affected by it. As per the video, the body rolls are evident, which is quite understandable since it is, at heart, an off-road SUV.

On the next part, the Mahindra reached a muddy area. On such terrain, other cars would easily get stuck. There was a bit of struggle at first, however, the Mahindra Thar easily got its cool back, added some speed and handled the situation perfectly. Coming up next, the car continued to take on narrow tough roads. On the way of going down this narrow road, the new Thar managed to descend and reach the bottom safely.

Overall, the Mahindra Thar showed excellent performance across different tough terrains. This video is solid evidence for Mahindra Thar’s outstanding performance, even without any modifications.


Mahindra Thar shows off its offroad capabilities  

It is worth to mention that the Mahindra Thar does not only comes with excellence in its off-road performance, it also comes with a well-equipped interior that offers a higher level of comfort and convenience. It now comes with features like the touchscreen infotainment system, roof-mounted speakers, front-facing rear seats and more.


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In terms of powertrain options, Mahindra Thar is offered with two engine choices, a 2.0-litre mStallion turbo petrol engine and a 2.2-litre mHawk turbo diesel engine. These engines are capable of making 150 Bhp/320 Nm and 130 Bhp/320 Nm. There are both manual and automatic gearbox options on offer.

Mahindra Thar is available under three forms, soft top, soft-top convertible, and hardtop. At launch, Mahindra also provided the Thar in both four-seater and six-seater configurations. However, due to the safety concern, the six-seater version was now discontinued. The four-seater version, on the other hand, achieved a four-star rating at the NCAP crash test.

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