Mamta Banerjee Uses A Mahindra Scorpio to Address Kolkata Citizens

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 27/04/2020
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Mamta Banerjee is often seen in her small hatchback, but this time, she has been spotted in a white Mahindra Scorpio

The world has come to an indefinite pause. To press the play button, authorities, governances, frontline workers, doctors, armed forces, and medical scientists are on their toes. But, since the only known way to curb the spread of the deadly disease is social distancing, authorities are trying to keep the human race confined to their houses. To do so, politicians are using different ways. Mamta Banerjee, who happens to be the chief minister of West Bengal, was recently seen doing rounds of Kolkata in her Mahindra Scorpio to urge people to stay home.

In the video, she is spotted in a white Mahindra Scorpio at Park Circus in Kolkata. She visited other localities of the city as well, like Topsia and Rajabazar to address the crowd. To reach out to the masses, her Scorpio has loud-speakers installed on its roof. Via these speakers she gave a message to the crowd in Bangla and Hindi, saying,

“I would request all my brothers and sisters to please stay indoors as this is the only way to stop the spread of this contagion. We have never witnessed such a lockdown, but it is needed to fight this disease. If you face any problem, please let the police know about it. They will help you out,”

By now, the widespread disease has affected more than 2.7 million lives worldwide. The count for total casualties due to this breakout stand at 1.96 lakh. In our country, the effect has not been as severe as some European nations. However, the total cases identified till date are 24,506, while 775 casualties have been registered so far. In West Bengal, the situation is slightly cumbersome as well. The state has identified 514 cases as of now and 15 people have been reported dead due to this malicious virus.


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Mamta Banerjee Asks Kolkata Citizens To stay Home While Sitting In A Mahindra Scorpio

Mamta Banerjee is often seen in her old Hyundai Santro, although, this time she is using a Mahindra Scorpio.

Therefore the Prime Minister of the country and Chief Ministers of their respective states are highly concerned to stop the incubation of Wuhanvirus. We would also urge our readers to stay home as much as possible. The virus is contagious in nature and can take anyone in its grip. Also, it incubates quite rapidly. And, by the time one gets to know of it, chances are that the virus would’ve affected the person’s family members or people he/she met. So, the only remedy we have on our hands now is to stay back at our places. However, to keep yourself entertained during this tough phase of life, keep following this space at for more exciting content.

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