MG Gloster NVH Levels And AC Cooling Test - VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 07/01/2021
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The MG Gloster is the newest entrant in the Rs 35 lakh SUV segment. The segment has been dominated by the Toyota Fortuner, but the Gloster has a few neat tricks up its sleeve. Read on to know more.

After MG Motors made a successful entry in the Indian auto market with their Hector SUV last year, they recently expanded their portfolio with the bigger Gloster SUV. The Gloster is quite a bit bigger compared to the Hector, and it competes with the likes of the Ford Endeavour and the Toyota Fortuner. The MG is also the first vehicle to sell in India with level 1 Autonomous driving. Since you will be paying a pretty penny when buying the Gloster, you would like your SUV to be a quiet and peaceful drive with very good refinement levels. We at IndianAuto came up with this NVH test for the Gloster to see how it fares, and also added an AC cooling test as well.


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As you can see in the video above, the MG Gloster has an ambient noise level of 37 decibels when the engine hasn’t been turned on and all windows are rolled up. After keeping the engine at idle and the AC fan speed at medium, the noise level increases to 52 decibels. The NVH level increases by 6 decibels to 58 when the Gloster is travelling a city speeds of around 60-70 kmph and the AC is set at 22 degrees and low fan speeds. When the SUV is travelling at highway speeds of up to 120 kmph, the noise levels increase to around 68 decibels, peaking at 77 when the speed alert warning starts beeping. The rise is NVH levels is mainly due to the wind and tyre noise that comes with speed, and the usual diesel clatter chimes in as well. Overall, the Gloster is very good at keeping NVH levels at a check, keeping the diesel engine clatter hushed, and the rise in noise only around 15-16 decibels from idle.

Coming to the AC performance test, it worked well in India’s testing conditions. The MG Gloster comes with multi-zone climate control, which ensures all the passengers are equally cooled and ventilated. After 15 minutes of running the AC at a temperature of 22 degrees, all seating rows averaged a temperature of 26 degrees. It would have gone down further if the AC would have been switched on for longer.


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Prices for the MG Gloster range between Rs 29.98 lakh – Rs 35.58 lakh, ex-showroom. It comes with a single 2-litre diesel unit but in two states of tune. In single-turbo form, it makes 163 PS/375 Nm of max power and torque. In the more expensive variants, the oil-burner comes with twin-turbos, helping it churn out max power and torque figures of 218 PS/480 Nm respectively. All variants come with a 8-speed automatic transmission.

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