This Lamborghini Aventador Is Actually A Modified Honda Civic

by Mohammed Burman | 10/01/2021
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Below is a Honda Civic which has been customized to become a Lamborghini Aventador replica supercar. Read on for more details.

This video shows a Lamborghini Aventador, which is actually a modified Honda Civic on public streets. The modification job has been done by Executive Mod Trendz (E.M.T), a Mumbai-based modification garage. In the video, the car is shown on the streets at night.  While the aesthetic modifications done to the vehicle have been revealed to us, the mechanical alterations remain to be unknown. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video first.

Based on a 2009 Honda Civic, the Lamborghini Aventador replica has been created quite accurately and can fool even people who have had a chance to see this supercar before. All details in this car have been altered to make it resemble the Aventador as much as possible. In the front, it gets aftermarket LED headlights which resemble premium units. The doors of the modified car open like regular cars but in the closed status, they do not look very different. The door handles are flush, which help them become hidden inside the body panels. The cap of the fuel tanks is also designed to match the body’s sharp edges. Black wheels with red callipers have also been equipped to the car to give it a sporty appearance.

modified honda civic to lamborghini aventador front

modified honda civic to lamborghini aventador roof


This Honda Civic Goes TOPLESS

Because it is a Honda Civic, the motor is positioned in the front of the car while boot space is available in the rear. An Infinity-sourced sub-woofer is placed in the boot space. The Honda Civic has been modified to become a two-seater vehicle, which means that the boot space has also become far bigger than the stock unit. In the meanwhile, the boot lid has also been designed to look like the real Aventador. The cabin has also been thoroughly updated and gets two bucket seats with Lamborghini logo. A Lamborghini-styled starting button is located in the centre console. Plenty of carbon fibre is available all over the car.

modified honda civic to lamborghini aventador interior


This Old-Gen Honda Civic Has Been Modified To Look Like The Latest Model

The car receives its power from a 1.9-litre gasoline burner which is mated to an AT gearbox, which means that it is fun to drive. While the motor and the alterations to the exhaust system remain unknown, it seems to be a performance car. The modification cost is INR 9.52 lakh, excluding the cost of GST, which is only a fraction of a real Lamborghini Aventador’s cost. The cost of the stock Honda Civic is approximately INR 2 lakh.

Such modifications are against the law, which means that you will be arrested by the police if you operate the car on the road. Any structural alterations to cars are not allowed according to the MV Act. Nevertheless, such customized cars can be kept at home or can be operated in private roads like a race track.

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