3 Exciting Modified Hyundai Accent

by Vivaan Khatri | 15/08/2020
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Here are three modified Hyundai Accent that have seem a new light of the day owing to several modifications they carry

Hyundai Accent was discontinued in 2013 after almost one and a haft decade existing in our market. When it was still on sales, the Hyundai Accent was offered as the entry-level vehicle on Hyundai’s line up. The major reason why Hyundai axed this sedan is that this sedan had lost its appeal to the customers and could not keep up with other contenders in the segment. While the sedan was discontinued in the new car market, an amount of used Hyundai Accent is still available in the used car market. If you are owning this vehicle or wanting to buy one, you can look for some way to restore this old car to look fresh and up-to-date. IndianAuto will list out some of the best modified Hyundai Accent.

Yellow Hyundai Accent by Unique Design

Hyundai Accent was a good looking car, however, admittedly, its styling has aged a lot even back when it was still available in the new car market. It also means that it would require a massive amount of work to refresh this outdated design. One of the successfully modified Hyundai Accent is this yellow-black model. The body kit used for this modified Hyundai Accent is provided and design by Unique Design.

modified hyundai accent bright yellow

This Candy yellow Hyundai Accent looks exciting and sporty 

On the front end, this Hyundai Accent has given aftermarket front bumper and hood panel along with custom projector headlights. The flat bonnet panel and the larger makes the Hyundai Accent gives the car an undeniably increased road presence. To the rear end, the Hyundai Accent comes with an additional spoiler smoked taillight. Looking from the side, you will notice that this sedan now flaunts a new set of gloss black alloy wheels and a contrasting black-out roofline.


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New Candy yellow paint job scheme makes the Hyundai Accent appear sportier and vibrant. On the inside, the car is given a new interior colour scheme of black-red. The special thing is that the red colour is used as the dominant colour instead of being the complimentary highlight just like on other vehicles. These updates have made the Hyundai Accent almost unrecognizable from both the exterior and interior.

Red Modified Hyundai Accent by Modsters

Next on the list is a stunning blazing red Hyundai Accent provided by Modster. This car was repainted in a Flash Red. Modster also combines the red scheme with black elements. The fascia of the Hyundai Accent features a revised front bumper, hood scoop and custom projector headlights. On the side profile, this sedan gets body-coloured side skirts and Julien racing 15-inch alloy wheels wrapped by Yokohama S tyres. To emphasize the new sporty look, the Hyundai Accent gets a rear diffuser and prominent rear wing spoiler.

modified hyundai accent red colour

Red modified Hyudai Accent by Modster is youthful and modern

In line with the sporty exterior look, the interior gets the same black-out treatment across the cabin. Modified Hyundai Accent gains new black seat upholstery.

Roadster Hyundai Accent

Out of all modified Hyundai Accent on this list, the following model has the most comprehensive transformation. From an outdated design, the car was restored and updated to look like a real sports car with fastback form. To achieve this sleek and exotic look, the Hyundai Accent was reshaped entirely, from the front to the rear end. The rear end of the Accent was reconstructed with a sloping roofline. As a result of the raked C pillar, the Hyundai Accent now sports only two-seaters. On the front end, the reformed hood gets a retro look with two round headlights and flat hood. Some highlight of the Hyundai Accent includes a set of 15-inch alloy wheels, custom exhaust tip. On the inside, the Hyundai Accent comes with repainted dashboard, pedal cover, after-market gear nob and custom leather seat covers.

Modified roadster Hyundai Accent

Along with the extensively revamped cosmetic makeover, this Hyundai Accent also receives a host of new features including power window, power brake, electronic open fuel cap, electric power steering, day-night reflection rearview mirror.

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