Maruti 800 Modified To Become An Off-Road-Ready SUV

by Kshitij Rawat | 21/06/2020
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Here, we have a video of a modified Maruti 800, which has been turned into a Jeep/Gypsy lookalike.

Maruti 800 is one of the most iconic vehicles in India, and also one of the best-selling cars in India during its time. Maruti first introduced the car at the end of 1983, and kept it in production till 2018. In its 33-year production run, the 800 became a household name, reaching almost every corner of our country. With such massive popularity, it isn’t surprising to see a few modified Maruti 800s every now and then. Here, we have modified Maruti 800 such example, extensively modified into an open-top off-road SUV.

Modified Maruti 800 | Same to Same | MAGNETO 11

The video above was posted on a YouTube channel called "MAGNETO 11". The Maruti 800 seen here have been extensively modified to look like Jeep or Maruti Gypsy. The entire design and fabrication process is shown in the video. At first, the window sills on the doors are removed, followed by the pillars and the roof. To add some structural rigidity, the doors are partially cut and welded shut into the body. After that, custom doors are added to the hollowed portions on the side of the car. A new tailgate is also added, which is side-opening like an old school SUV. The bonnet is also customised with a large protrusion in the middle and indicator mounts on the side. The entire car is then coated in sharp-looking Military green paint.

modified Maruti 800 - Maruti 800 modified into SUV

Maruti 800 modified into SUV


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After that, plenty of aftermarket accessories are added to the mix. These include new taillights and taillights (from the original 800), auxiliary lights, indicators, chrome garnished mouldings (for the front grille, headlights, taillights, and indicators), ORVMs, and new wheel caps. A foldable windshield is added at the front, just like the original Jeep CJ. The interior is completely new as well, and look quite luxurious. Overall, we feel like this is quite a brilliant mod job.

modified Maruti 800 - Modified Maruti 800 SUV interior


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Sadly, such modifications are illegal in India, and such cars can be seized by the police if found on public roads and the owner could be fined heavily. That said, this could be a brilliant specialised off-road tool, one which could be fun to drive on the beaten path due to its lightweight body.

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