Modified Maruti Swift Looks Exactly Like A Volkswagen Beetle

by Vivaan Khatri | 03/01/2020
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Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most famous cars in the history of the automobile industry. A Maruti Swift was modified to look like a Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle must be one of the most iconic cars in the history of the automobile industry. Even though the legendary German car line was discontinued across the globe, this car maintains a strong existence in the used car market and some car lovers will hold dear to this classic looking car. The legacy of the Volkswagen Beetle is still so strong that it inspires modifier to turn a Maruti Swift into a Beetle-like model.

Modified Maruti Swift into Sports car | Modified WagonR | MAGNETO11

Originally, the Maruti Swift has already featured the retro style and classic design. The object of the modification is a first-gen Maruti Swift which is believed to be given up by its owner. The customizing progress starts with the removal of all body panel of Maruti Swift. And a new structure was formed entirely by new sheet metals. The final product which is finished in just around 10 or 12 days looks refined and polished in different aspects.

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The modified Maruti Swift has remained the four-seat setting but it is now a two-door vehicle. Also, the car also adopts headlights and taillights from Volkswagen, which implants an authentic feel to the Beetle-inspired car. On the inside, the original dashboard is maintained but added with sporty red and black highlights. Notably, the interior now is equipped with an aftermarket touchscreen which leverages the premiumness and convenience of the interior. Besides the touchscreen, the interior also receives a push start system.

modified maruti swift volkswagen beetle

modified maruti swift volkswagen beetle interior

This Maruti Swift is extensively modified except for the engine parts

Under the hood, the engine setting is kept unchanged. This modified Maruti Swift continues to be powered by a 1.3-litre diesel engine which generates 85 Bhp. The first-gen Swift was launched back in 2005 and lasted for 6 six years before being replaced by the second-gen Swift in 2011. The current Maruti Swift is a third-gen model.

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Modified Maruti Swift, according to the video, costs Rs. 4.5 lakh. However, it remains unknown if the cost of the donor car is taken into account. The garage in charge of this modification is Magneto 11 in Madhya Pradesh. This garage also claims that a similar custom can be carried out in any vehicle.

Also, the video neither reveals details about the RTO nor mentions about the Registration Certification. In India, any vehicle that undergoes heavy modification would require Registration certification. In big cities like Delhi or Mumbai, heavily customized vehicles will be held right away. So if you are interested in trasforming your car into a Volkswagen Beetle, you should consider carefully. Read the latest car news and stories at

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