5 Modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs That Look Like Lexus

by Harish Kumar | 19/04/2020
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The Toyota Fortuner has been recognized as a global product since the very first day of its launch. However, some have decided to make the T-Fort more alluring by giving their vehicles the Lexus DNA

Toyota’s luxury car arm, Lexus, has often been recognized for offering world-class tech, luxury and aesthetics. While the new-age Toyota models like the second-gen Fortuner look quite radical, too, they’re still no match for the Lexus vehicles in the same lot. Hence, some owners of the hot-selling Toyota Fortuner have decided to make their vehicles more alluring by giving them the Lexus DNA. Check out these 5 modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs that badly want to be a Lexus. 

modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs That Want To Be A Rs 2 Crore Lexus

Though this version of Fortuner does not wholly replicate any of the Lexus SUVs, it partially draws inspirations from them as its front façade features the badass Spindle grille. The custom grille features multiple horizontal slats that totally transform the way the SUVs looks as compared to the stock Fortuner unit. The bumper, on the other hand, has been updated with a thick chrome bar outlining the boundaries, which further extends the car's premium quotient to a higher extent.

modified toyota fortuner black front look

The Thailand-based car tuning garage, NKS design has rolled out a wide range of Toyota Fortuner modification packages, and here’s an ultra-aggressive Lexus-inspired edition of the iconic SUV. The unmistakable Lexus grille looks a tad odd on this SUV but definitely works to give it a huge road presence. Notably, this modified Toyota Fortuner SUV even gets a Lexus badge placed centrally on the face that will confuse many amateur road users. Also on offer is a Lexus-styled body kit comprising a black-accentuated bumper spoiler that gives the SUV a more handsome angular look.

modified toyota fortuner nks design


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Here's yet another second-gen T-Fort that has a grille that looks very similar to the one on the Lexus cars. However, we believe that this customized Fortuner carries the Lexus-inspired modifications better than many other SUVs we've seen so far. At the same time, the Fortuner’s original DNA remains intact at the front with the usage of the stock fog lamps setup and the chrome elements surrounds. Besides, the modified Toyota Fortuner SUV looks a tad more aggressive due to the inclusion of an aftermarket bumper integrated with LED small lamps down below while on both two sides, some sophisticated chrome stripes are neatly crafted.

modified toyota fortuner clubjap

Here's yet another second-gen Toyota Fortuner with the Spindle grille from a Lexus. This Lexus LX 450d-inspired Fortuner looks quite attractive due to the revised front facade and a new bumper that incorporates huge boomerang-style LED foglamps.

modified toyota fortuner black front angle


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A Delhi-based car modification garage offers Lexus LX 570-inspired body kits for the Toyota Fortuner. Even here, the signature Lexus grille is what helps the SUV stand out. Also, of all the vehicles mentioned in our article today, this modified SUV is one that has been the most successful with capturing the Lexus essence. This modified Toyota Lexus also gets a set of bumper-mounted angular-shaped fog lamps, a sharper set of bumpers as well as the Lexus-inspired LED tail lamps.

modified toyota fortuner lexus lx570 7 inspiration

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