New Hyundai Creta Tries Rescuing Ford Endeavour - Here's What Happens [VIDEO]

by Harish Kumar | 21/08/2020
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A video that recently surfaced web shows a new Hyundai Creta trying to rescue a Ford Endeavour 4x4 that was completely stuck in slush - Here are the full details

Having a 4x4 SUV does not mean you get a go-anywhere vehicle that can tackle any kind of conditions. In fact, the statement is not true even in case your 4x4 car is modified and well-equipped with bells and whistles to handle the extreme driving conditions like swamps and slush. Here’s a video showing a Ford Endeavour 4x4 and a new Hyundai Creta spending some time off the beaten terrain.

Uploaded on a Youtube channel named Sonia Hooda, the video shows a Ford Endeavour 4x4 and new Hyundai Creta driving in an off-roading track with an aim to test the off-road capabilities of the cars in some extreme driving terrains. However, the Ford Endeavour ends up getting totally stuck in the mud while the new Creta could not do much to help out the bigger SUV.


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Initially, the Endeavour’s driver enjoyed some fun in the open field. When taking the Endeavour into the deep swamp that has a knee-depth level of water, the SUV could move around for quite some time before it finally got stuck in the middle of the field. The driver did make some attempts but the Endeavour couldn’t escape from the slush and had to stand there waiting for the rescue. As per the video, the Endeavour’s wheels were moving freely inside the marsh, which shows that it completely got stuck in there.

ford endeavour stuck in mud front three quarters

Do note that the Ford Endeavour here is powered by a 3.2-litre 5-cylinder diesel engine that comes coupled with a low-range transmission as well as a rear differential locker. However, the absence of off-road spec tyres and, perhaps, a skilful driver has turned the situation into a mess. Since the Endeavour failed to escape from the mud on its own, they had to remove the mud from the front wheels of the Endeavour and try to pull it out with some help from Hyundai Creta. However, things failed to get better.


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Why Couldn’t Hyundai Creta Save the Stuck Ford Endeavour?

Well, it’s the matter of weight discrepancy that becomes the main reason. The Ford Endeavour is a badass SUV which weighs nearly 2 tons and even has a 4x4 system. Therefore, it’s an impossible task for any 4x2 car like the Hyundai Creta to pull it out from the loose surface. It’s also worth noting that in mud, the Creta could not find enough traction to pull the Endeavour out of the swamp. After the new Creta failed to pull the Endeavour out, a tractor finally came to rescue the poor SUV.

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