Nissan Leaf Modified As A Disaster-response Vehicle

by Harish Kumar | 10/10/2020
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Here's a modified Nissan Leaf that is built to serve as a disaster-response vehicle. Check out more details here.

While it’s arguably known that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility, the EVs market in India is still far from reaching its full swing. However, many automakers in other countries have been developing the modern and all-rounded EV technologies, thereby making serious progress in this aspect. Nissan Leaf is a popular EV in the world, and it’s among the first electric car to be produced for mass markets. However, have you ever thought of an electric car serving as a rapid response vehicle? Here’s a modified Nissan Leaf that is built for the same purpose. This Nissan Leaf has been modified to become a purposeful disaster-response vehicle. Let’s have a look at it.

nissan releaf front three quarters

The ‘Re-Leaf’

Named as the “ReLeaf”, this modified Leaf has been “re-designed” to serve as a special emergency response vehicle that can supply power during the urgent circumstances. The prefix “Re” in its name represents three most crucial factors of the disaster preparedness: response, recovery and resilience. It is claimed by the Japanese carmaker that the modified Leaf can be able to rush to the centre of the disaster very quickly to provide reliable mobile power supply needed for the recovery situations. That said, with a wide range of applications such as communications, heating, lighting, medical and others, mobile power supply often plays an important role in the emergency situations


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What Does The ‘Re-Leaf’ Have To Offer?

The specially-built Nissan Re-Leaf offers the weatherproof plug sockets placed right on the exterior. They are compatible with 110 – 230-volt devices to send power to the emergency equipment. The Japanese automaker also highlights some of the equipment that can be powered by the Re-Leaf, namely the pressure ventilation fans, a 100-watt LED floodlight, an intensive care medical ventilator along with an electric jackhammer. Aside from the advanced tech, the Nissan Re-Leaf also comes with all-terrain tyres to tackle any kind of driving conditions.

modified leaf rear angle

As for the regular Nissan Leaf, the electric car is offered with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology that enables the customers to draw the power from its high-capacity battery and provide power back to the grid. Also, the Nissan Leaf can send power directly to the electronic devices thanks to the support of the V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) technology.


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The latest-gen Nisan Leaf e+ is equipped with a new 62 kWh battery which is likely to make its ways to the Nissan Re-Leaf. It’s worth noting that this battery is claimed to provide enough power to an average household in Europe for around six days.

The Nissan Re-Leaf concept has shown its full potential of applications. In fact, Nissan is already using the Leaf as a disaster response vehicle since 2011. The company has tied up with more than 60 local governments in order to support disaster response activities.

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