This Police Maruti Gypsy Has Been Elegantly Restored [Video]

by Mohammed Burman | 19/02/2021
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Recently, a video which shows a police Maruti Gypsy being elegantly restored has been released on the Internet. Read on to discover.

Despite once being a very popular SUV among car enthusiasts, the Maruti Gypsy has been officially discontinued due to the more stringent safety and emission standards. Nevertheless, numerous modified Maruti Gypsy and well-maintained examples of this SUV are still available in the country. Thanks to the decent off-road capabilities, the Gypsy is a common sight in of-road events. Like the Mahindra Thar, the Maruti Gypsy also has many fans. Below are two videos which show how a police Maruti Gypsy has been elegantly restored.

The video begins by displaying how the Maruti Gypsy originally looks. According to the video, the Gypsy is a 2002 model which was utilized by the Police force and was sold through an auction. The restoration work was huge, which was reflected in the final product. Firstly, all the parts of the car such as the front panels, soft top, doors, seats and dashboard, etc. were removed. The entire surface of the car was sandpapered and the body was repainted. All the dents are removed using fillers. A little bit rust on the small area on the floor of the car has been removed and replaced with a new piece of a metal sheet.


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The chassis was detached from the body and repainted. The motor and the 4x34 transfer case was also washed and installed back. After the chassis was painted, the car underbody including the engine bay was also painted. After that, the chassis was attached back to the body. Parts like glass, doors, hood and windows and soft top were installed. The seating layout has been remained unchanged. The rear passenger seat row still comes with side-facing bench seats. Finally, the dashboard was installed. Then, the car is ready for being taken on a test run. According to the vlogger, the motor felt smoother and very silent.


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The customer was very satisfied with the restored Gypsy and even commented that the car seems to have just been rolled out of production. It took BYC around seven months to complete this project. Had it not been for the nationwide lockdown, the project would have been finished much sooner, perhaps from three to four months.

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