2 Crore Mercedes E-Class, Porsche 911 And Range Rover Caught

by Mohammed Burman | 02/12/2019
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A number of luxury cars including Mercedes E-Class, Porsche 911, and Range Rover, have been seized by the Ahmedabad police for driving without valid documents.

Luxury vehicles in India, when violating the traffic rules, often manage to escape the punishments because of their owners’ influence. However, in Ahmedabad, a completely different case has come into the limelight. After numerous high-end cars were caught in the state several weeks ago, police have started to seize these vehicles again. Recently, Ahmedabad police have caught luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Land Rover Range Rover, and Porsche 911. The pictures of the caught vehicles have also officially been shared on the Ahmedabad police’s Twitter account.

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The crackdown on the illegal Porsche happened on November 27, when a traffic police team on-duty at helmet crossroad noticed a silver Porsche 911 without number-plates. The sportscar was being by Kishan Patel, a resident of Thaltej. When asked for the required documents by the police, Patel failed to hand over them. After that, the car was seized and delivered to the RTO of Ahmedabad. The vehicle has violated Section 196 (driving an uninsured vehicle), 177 (General provision for punishment), and a few other sections of the Motor Vehicle [Amendment] Act.

seized porche 911 silver front

This Porsche 111 was seized for driving without number-plates

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Commenting on the incident, Ahmedabad Traffic Police Inspector GS Patel stated,

"As the car was not having number-plates and valid documents, a case of rule-breaking has also been added in the memo. The case has been handed over to the RTO and after paying the appropriate fine, the car will be released."

The other two luxury vehicles which were caught by the police are a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a Land Rover Range Rover. The number-plates of these vehicles were modified. There is a compulsory format for the numberplates to be used on vehicles. If the number-plates do not follow this format, it is illegal to drive that car on public roads. Last week, a Ford Mustang wes also seized for the same offence.

seized mercedes-benz e-class black front

This Mercedes E-Class was caught for modifying the plate number

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It is a normal practice for the Indian police to ignore the mistakes of the high-end vehicles’ owners since they often have connections with influential people like politicians and even police officers. As such the lower-level cops, those who are responsible for checking the documents of these vehicles and issuing challans, are afraid of getting into trouble upon stopping these vehicles. Nevertheless, in Ahmedabad, senior police are usually present throughout the process of documents checking, which gives the cops considerable encouragement.

seized range rover silver rear

This Range Rover was seized for the same offence as the Mercedes E-Class; illegal number-plates

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The Indian government does not allow any illegible font or any unwanted characters on vehicle number-plates, which is the reason why many vehicles’ owners decide to change their registration number to a word. Others even use fancy fonts on the number-plate, which makes the number difficult to be read. All these modifications to the number-plate of a vehicle are illegal, and we actively discourage our readers from ever engaging in such activities yourself. Please take note.

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As for the official vehicle documents, many vehicles’ owners do not bring them because they either forget or purposefully leave them at home since they are afraid that they will be lost. If the vehicles’ owners are unable to present the car’s documents, the police may feel that the car has been stolen and it might be caught on the spot. Now, however, the Indian government has declared that digital copies of all the vehicle's original documents can be stored in the Digilocker application and can be legally presented to concerned authorities.

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