Suzuki Jimny Goes Off-Road With Land Cruiser Series 79 - COMPARISON VIDEO

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 24/11/2020
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Indian off-road enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Suzuki Jimny. We have a video which shows it go off-road with a Land Cruiser

The Suzuki Jimny has become a cult favourite in the off-roading community due to its diminutive size and 4x4 system which see it punch well above its weight. The Jimny has a loyal owner’s community and the last generation lasted two decades without too many changes to it. The new Jimny is still based on a ladder frame chassis and rigid axles with separate differentials, which coupled with a small 1.5-litre N/A and rugged design, looks to last just as long as the last one. But how capable is the new Jimny venturing out into the unknown?


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In this video which has been uploaded by 4WD TV on their YouTube channel, we have the new Suzuki Jimny pitted against a 79 series Toyota Land Cruiser, a bonafide legend due to its unkillable reliability and supreme off-road capabilities. Both the vehicles have been fitted with some aftermarket parts to help them perform even better. The video starts with a muddy descent with puddles through which both off-roaders passed through quite easily after which they go to the winch wall next, where both cars need to use the winch to climb through what is a straight wall practically. After that both the Jimny and the Land Cruiser drive through what is called a water splash, the road looks easy enough but has a very slippery surface, fighting to get any traction. The Land Cruiser, surprisingly, manages to get bogged down in a deceivingly deep puddle and needs the little Jimny’s help to winch it out free.  

The next challenge is a slippery and muddy uphill corner where you can’t afford to get off the power, the Land Cruiser makes it look like a cakewalk while the Jimny needs to try it twice to get through, its lightweight putting less weight over the wheels, and less traction as a result. The Suzuki Jimny also needs to go for a second time over a steep rocky climb, with the little 4x4 just trying to wring loose as it searches for grip while the Land Cruiser strolls through. For the last challenge, they have got a very muddy climb with very deep tyre tracks, and with light fading fast, it was a hard one. The deep tracks meant the Jimny managed to get beached in the middle with the tyres not touching the ground and the Land Cruiser had to pull it out eventually.


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suzuki jimny vs land cruiser

Though the Land Cruiser 79 may have won overall, the Jimny was more than game enough to compete toe to toe with the much bigger vehicle, and also managed to winch the Land Cruiser out as well. The ability of the Jimny is much more than you’ll think when you see its size the first time. It is powered by a 1.5-litre N/A petrol engine which makes 100 PS and with its low 1135 Kg kerb weight, the Jimny does a very good impression of a mountain goat.

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