Sweden & India Set Up Transport Innovation & Safety Platform To Reduce Traffic Deaths

by Harish Kumar | 06/12/2019
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India and Sweden join hands to improve the transport system and traffic safety of India, and reducing the fatality rates on the road.

Some companies and institutes in India and Sweden leading in safety in their respective fields have come together to establish Sweden-India Transport Innovation & Safety Platform (SITIS). SITIS will come as a long-term platform to research about traffic safety and innovation. The SITIS partnership is aimed at building a deeper understanding of road safety in India and, at the same time, giving an insight into the core obstacles faced by fast-growing countries like India and finding potential resolutions to eradicate these obstacles. SITIS has kicked off its first campaign named “Safe and Secure Transport corridors in India” which is the first proof of the concrete bilateral relationship between Sweden and India.

SITIS india sweden parnership

Sweden and India will cooperate to develop the transport systems and reduce the traffic deaths in India

With its ability to leverage the potentiality of AI, big data, and the intensive understandings in the transport system, the SITIS partnership will work to create scalable safety data analytics and build testbeds to develop and test the possible safety solutions. The excellent, affordable, safe, and secure connectivity will also be helped by cutting-edge technology into the connectivity and the co-operative transport systems.

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With SITIS, India and Sweden will promote the adoption of safe and sustainable transport measures as well as the prosecutable transport policies for the sake of the progress of transport systems in India. The SITIS partnership aims to achieve excellent innovation, develop assets, and deal with the biggest challenges that the Indian transport system is confronted with. The said platform is built to become a go-to place for the deployment of innovation and research in the area of transport’s safety and sustainability.

india unsafe roads

WHO suggested that there are over 1,50,000 deaths per year on the roads in India

Members of the platform come from some leading institutes and companies that have been praised for safety in their respective domains, including Volvo Group, Ericsson, Autoliv, Manipal Hospitals, Saab, Altair, and Tech Mahindra along with some universities and research centres like India Institute Of Science, Injury Prevention Programme, Transportation Research, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Chalmers University of Technology, and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Technical authorities like ARAI, Swedish National Road and the Transport Research Institute (VTI) are also participating members.

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According to reports from WHO, there are as many as 1,50,000 fatalities on the Indian roads each year while the progress in Sweden has become stagnant. In the meantime, India holds a great potential to create supremacy in the implementation of new effective techs as well as the system-level measures to address the domestic traffic challenges and improve safety. However, it would be quite a headache for the country to mobilize stakeholders for the implementation of cost-effective methods. This is where SITIS partnership comes in, to achieve that feat by bringing the different organisations with expertise in the safety arena, from both Sweden and India.

- Source: Financial Express

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