Tata Altroz Rear-ends Ford EcoSport With Crash Bar - See Impact

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 26/11/2020
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Take a look at the impact of the accident when this Tata Altroz crashed into a Ford EcoSport which was fitted with a crash bar.

Tata Altroz is one of the best-looking hatchbacks that are currently on sale in the country. Launched in January this year, the Altroz has been doing great at the sales charts. Apart from its looks, it is highly appreciated for its 5-star G-NCAP crash test rating. In all the accidents that have been reported to date, occupants in the Altroz could walk out without any injuries. Recently, we came across a video on the YouTube channel of Nikhil Rana where a Tata Altroz crashed into a Ford EcoSport. The hatchback suffered some serious damages, but the passengers travelling in the Altroz did not suffer any injuries, whatsoever.

The accident took place in Bihar when the Altroz rear-ended the Ford EcoSport. According to the Altroz owner, the car was travelling at a speed of 70 kmph and could not stop in time as the EcoSport driver has braked hard to encounter a speed breaker. As a result, the Altroz collided with the EcoSport. Talking of the damages, the Altroz ended up with a crumpled bonnet, crushed bumper and radiator grille, and cracked headlamps. The EcoSport, on the other hand, had a damaged tailgate. The main reason behind this damage was the aftermarket crash guard that was installed on the EcoSport.


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These crash guards fall under the category of illegal modifications according to the Motor Vehicle Act, but a lot of cars can be seen donning them at the rear end. If it wasn’t for the crash guard, the bumpers of the cars would’ve absorbed the energy of the impact. Moreover, the tailgate-mounted spare wheel on the EcoSport is another culprit here. It protrudes out of the rear bumper, therefore, destroying the whole purpose of the bumper.

Tata Altroz Rear-ends Ford EcoSport With Crash Bar - See Impact

While the 5-star crash test rating comes into effect during such times, the violation of laws by using crash bars work against the complete idea of making safer cars. Hence, Team IndianAuto requests its readers to avoid the use of bull bars or crash bars. Also, the crash bars at times work against the occupants of the car they are fitted in, as they act as a restriction in the proper working of airbag sensors.

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