Tata EVision Electric Car Launch Unlikely, Myth Busted!

by Mohammed Burman | 18/07/2019
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Be careful not to be misled by the fake news that the Tata EVision EV would be launched in September 2019 and have a 1000 km travel range.

With the development of the networking sites in India, addressing fake news which is published on these networks has been a serious challenge. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have been making every endeavour to reduce the fake news but have, so far, attained little success with these kinds of news appearing in almost all aspects. Auto manufacturers also cannot avoid becoming victims of false news. Tata Motors is no exception.

Recently, there was a fake piece of news on the Tata EVision launch, which was published on Facebook. It read:

“New Tata EVision Electric Car. No fossil fuel required. 1000 kms on a single charge. 10 yrs of battery warranty from Tata. ₹ 25 lacs ex showroom price. Launch September 2019. Will it be a game changer?!”

This is totally false news except for the fact that if the car based on this concept is officially launched, it has great potential of becoming game-changer in the Indian EV segment. To make matters worse, apart from Facebook, this rumour has been spread on multiple platforms, including WhatsApp.

Tata Evision fake news

This news about the Tata EVision is totally wrong.

Commenting on the fake news on Tata EVision launch, Head of Corporate Communications of Tata Motors, Suresh Rangarajan, posted on Linkedin that 

"It's a fake news that has been travelling far and wide - no such announcements made by the company. Someone’s imagination running wild."

To clarify more about this fake news, the first wrong information is that it can travel up to 1000 km per charge. The Tata EVision concept was showcased at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show as a way for the home-grown automaker to showcase its ability to manufacture powerful long-range electric vehicles. Underpinned the flexible Omega Arc structure, the production model of the Tata EVision is expected to run on the cylindrical, liquid-cooled batteries which resemble those of Tesla-Panasonic models. This battery pack can offer a driving range of approximately 400 km per charge This travel range will put this Tata electric vehicle at par with numerous entry-level EVs on sale internationally, some of which are India will be sold in India, such as the recently launched Hyundai Kona EV and the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Tata EVision green rear

The Tata Evision production model will have a travel range of 400 km instead of 100 km like what was said in the post.

This has also been confirmed by MD and CEO of Tata Motors, Guenter Butschek, who has said -

“We can develop an attractive battery-powered electric (car) for the Indian market with a range of over 300km. If the battery development goes as we've seen, at this point of time, it would be possible for us to even offer a range of 400km,”

The other false information is the launch time of the Tata EVision production model, which has been claimed to be September 2019. The Tata EVision is still a concept car and there has been no official announcement from the domestic auto manufacturer about the launch date of the vehicle. If the final model of the Evision enters production, its launch will take place in the next 3 or 4 years, to be the earliest. Moreover, there has been no revelation about the warranty policy or the price of this EV. All of these will be officially announced at the time of the official launch of the vehicle. Before this, any information related to these aspects is merely a figment of someone's wild imagination. However, those interested in the Tata Evision EV can stay tuned to IndianAuto for more updates. 

Tata EVision green front

All the information about the production-spec Tata EVision will be revealed on its launch which is expected to take place in at least next three or four years.

Before the Tata EVision launch, that is, if at all it ever happens, Tata has entered the EV segment in India with the launch of the Tigor EV. It is even preparing the Tiago EV for its commercial debut. Both these models were showcased at the Auto Expo 2018 and are underpinned by the old X2 platform and can travel for a distance of only under 150 km per charge. This travel range is even less than half of what is anticipated from the new battery pack which is introduced on the Tata EVision.

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Besides the three above EVs, the domestic carmaker also showcased the Racemo +- EV sportscar. This vehicle is claimed to have a travel range of 350 km per charge. Therefore, we can expect that this vehicle will borrow the battery pack from the Tata EVision. However, once again, let us reassure you that the Tata EVision launch isn't in the offing. 

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